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Mod Request - In Depth DBZ mod


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I was thinking back to the old DBZ mods (final flash, ki blast barrage, kamehameha) and was really saddened to find nobody has made any mods recently for the series. I know it could be done, since it'd been done before. I would absolutely love if someone could make an in-depth dbz mod. Something with a ton of attacks from the series (kamehameha, galick gun, kikoho, destructo disc, dodon ray, etc), transformations (kaioken, super saiyan 1-4, super saiyan god, super saiyan blue, potential unleashed, ultra instinct), Ki charging (to power up attacks and transformations), built-in flight, maps from the series (like kame house, kami's lookout, time chamber, both namek and dying namek, a space map would be cool, and for sure the tournament of power arena), and so much more.


I'd love to be able to play a dbz VR game, but with none available for personal purchase, Blade and Sorcery seems like the next best bet. It's such an open sandbox for modders and creators, and knowing the potential for absolutely fantastic mods...It'd be worth waiting however long it took, if it meant a full-on DBZ mod was coming. The more attacks, forms, places, powers/mechanics, and characters added, the more worth the wait it becomes. I imagine The Outer Rim mod, only DBZ instead of Star Wars, and a thousand times more fun to play.


So...if anyone out there has the skill and knowledge to mod the game well, and loves DBZ as much as I do, please make this mod. It would be a great service to every DBZ fan if you would.

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