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Curie's here to research, but stops at adding Mutfruit to Stims?


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New Curies Advancements Section of Chemistry Workstation.

Unlock new remedies/inventions over time.

Unique Syringer Rifle Curie will switch to that never aggros, in order to shoot Stims at biologicals and Repair Kits at Gen 1s, Gen 2s, Robots and turrets that are allied or neutral. (As we can only heal companions for some stupid reason)


-(Curie's) Cure All, after you show her Prevent before giving it to Daisy, she lists the materials needed for the V.81 cure with the necessary modifications to make it cure the same disease Prevent does in addition to those cultivated in the Molerats.


-(Curie's) Revive, a modified Super Stim with Curie's Mutfruit alteration, Mysterious Serum, Adrenaline, Cortisol and Caffeine.

Can pause cancer (would need semi-regular boosters), revive recently or cryogenically frozen deceased.


-(Curie's) Matrix Cradle, a modified Flight Data Recorder that can download the mind/personality subroutine/Programming (depending on the individual) of a deceased robot.

Ready to then take to a robot workbench to build them a new body much like you do for Jezebel. Think saving Sarge, Hurtz, Dr. Handy M.D.

Any robot that dies or you have to kill, you can build them a body, put faction or profession paints on them if you have the mods for it.

You could even transfer Kye 1.1 from an operating room no-one uses in Far Harbor to a robot body or if you have Neon Flats and choose the Minutemen &/or Railroad leaning ending- into the computer there where he can fulfill his purpose by managing the apartment and unlike the operating room, have regular company.

Curie is inspired by you and Ada and this one therefore unlocks after that quest line.


I have more ideas to share even if they never go anywhere so let me know if you're still reading at this point.

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