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Mod Request: Young Asriel Dreemurr replaces any or all Sora models


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Note to anyone planning to look into this model: this model of Asriel Dreemurr might look a bit off or too small to fit Sora's skeleton, I found a different version of the model that looks better, but the guy named MMDSatoshi who made it didn't want THAT model or any others to be ported to anything and I didn't want to disrespect their wishes. So this is the alternate solution for porting Asriel in. Looneax says it's okay to port them as long as their are credited.

Oh and it's using a Blender file, so I wish you the best KH modding skills and many thanks from this.

Undertale and Asriel belongs to Toby Fox

Link to Looneax's model https://www.deviantart.com/looneax/art/Asriel-Dreemurr-3D-848257972smile__d_by_looneax_defnar2-fullview.png

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