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New Daedric cult?

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I've been wondering why do these Thalmor a.k.a. 2nd Aldmeri Dominion hate Talos worship so much so I got the idea they could be another daerdric cult like the Mythic Dawn.
I got the idea from one of the random rumors from Oblivion in which NPCs talk about how Daedra worship had become prominent in the Summerset Isles - their main base.
So the obvious reason for their hate would be the fact that it was the blood of the Septims (Martin) that closed oblivion for good. Only question is which Daedric prince could they serve?
What do you people think is that possible or not?



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The Thalmor hate Talos because Talos is made up of Tiber Septim, Ysmir Wulfharth, and Zurin Arctus, each of whom were Shezzarines, avatar of the missing god Shezzar, also known as Shor/Lorkhan/Sep etc. etc.

Talos is literally Lorkhan reborn.

And according to Mer tradition the mortal realm is a trap created by Lrokhan to rob the Mer of their power.

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