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Skyrim crash to desktop

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Skyrim opens, but crashes after a moment of being on the load screen, after opening a save.
Yesterday I downloaded Nexus Mod Manager, and several mods:
- CBBE: Along with Nocturnals Dress, Calientes Vanilla Outfits, Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide, Falmer Darkseeker Armor, Thieves Guild Duelist Armor, Field Mage Outfit, and CBBE Neck Seam Fix [All of which were made for CBBE] (Enabled)
- Coverwomen (Enabled)
- Skyrim HD - 2k Textures (Always Disabled)

I currently have Skyrim installed on Steam. (I already verified the game cache, and it informed me that there was a problem with 2 files, and would need to fix it. It didn't work) The game, and mods were all working fine until I downloaded Ancient Nord Armor and Saviors Hide, Falmer Darkseeker Armor, Thieves Guild Duelist Armor, and Field Mage Outfit. I have since disabled them.

Computer Specs:
Model: ASUS Notebook G73Sw
Processor: Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz
RAM: 8.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System

Skyrim was running on ultra settings without a problem.
The only problem that closely resembles what happened recently, is Skyrim crashing after trying to load a saved game, and a pop-up saying something along the lines of "Could not open because files that built it do not exist anymore."



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Simply disabling mods may not necessarily remove them completely from your game. Somethings like to hang around forever..... unless NMM physically removes files added by a mod, they can still cause some trouble.

Might try uninstalling the last couple you put in there, and see if that helps. Your laptop actually DOES have the horsepower to run the game pretty well.



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THe system you list is a pretty decent system for mobiles. But, like all mobile devices, they limit power and raw data crunching ability. It has dedicated video memory - very nice for a mobile. That in itself puts it far ahead of other laptop type devices. The problem is, the GPU it has. The 460M is not a bad processor, but you have extremely limited use cores. The data channels just are not wide enough to push sustained data rates of games written like Skyrim when heavily modded. You still have a modified mobile bus sharing normal data, graphic instructions and all sound functions. Also depending on your hard drive capacity, your drive might be running at 5400 rpm. Even at 7200RPM your system bencharks at about 540 ticks out of 3000+. (ticks = operations per second : as per PAssMark Software last rated on 14 Jan 2013)

Similar quality graphics GPU/Cards
A Radeon HD 5770 tops out at 788 and a GeForce GTX 550 ti tops out at 829 (both about 50% higher operations/sec)

The point here is a comparison to what you have -vs- what you are trying to do. You may be able to get what you have run, but you might not be running smoothly or efficiently. Here's my suggestion. Blow the game completely off your system by an uninstall. Defrag your hard drive then reboot it. Do a brand new load and start a new game. Your old saves could very well be corrupted so I would not use them at all. Try loading only one mod at a time and save your data folder before each mod load. You can see when performance drops and what mod causes it. You also can try different combinations of your mods to see if they play nicer on your system then others.

Here's a guide for optimal performance on a GeForce GPU : http://www.geforce.c...m-tweak-guide#1

I did not write this to pick on your hardware. I think that device is a decent one for gaming. I am just trying to help you out with what you wanted to do with your equipment. I hope you find something useful here and you get back to cheating dragon priests out of their Word Walls :)




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I'm glad if you already have your answer. Otherwise you can try what I did.


I used to have random shutdown during fast travel, loading saves or on the race menu. This is what eliminated my problems.


First I reinstalled the game and reset my setting to high from ultra.

 I skipped using more than one similar mods, say only one facegen, one for hair, one for body. I picked only one of CBBE/UNP/others. Similar goes for companions built from CBBE (if I’m using CBBE)/ UNP (if UNP).


Try not to save during prisoner scenario.  Lastly keep track of compatibility of different mods.

I’m new, so apologies if I’m wrong somewhere. Anyway I have more than 60 mods running on Skyrim without any disturbance. Thank you.


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