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npc bug interact click cant talk cant pickpocket cant loot

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Hey there. So here's the problem I'm having. Recently I noticed, that some NPC became... uninteractable. When I point at them, their [e] talk to name appears, but nothing happens, not only that, but I can't also pcikpocket them, like nothing happens, same goes for looting, makes me wonder if the e button just doesn't work anymore. But for everyone else it's just fine. The odd thing is, that it is extremely situational. First it happened with my follower, current follower, Aranea. Since much time hasn't passed, I just rolled to an earlier save, and there she was ok, talking and still talking to me to this moment. But now the same happened with Fastred(that whiny *censored* in Ivarstead). I tired various console commands, but it didn't seem to work... properly, at least. Could someone please tell me, what may be causing this or how can I avoid/fix this bug. I'm just afarid, that it may happen to an important NPC, I may not notice it and then s*** will go down. I don't use any NPC related mods(... I think), so I doubt it has to do anything with mods. Thank you in advance, anyway!



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More information is needed to help you.

Please post:

your BOSS log text file, enclosed in spoiler tags

Please post a segment of your papyrus log at the time when you are trying to talk to someone who is not responding (about 40 lines, also enclose in spoiler tags.)

Please provide your computer information-- CPU, RAM, GPU, VRAM, graphics driver version.

Please get and use the Skyrim performance monitor, and post the results. (also around the time that an NOC is not responding)


BTW, the spoiler tag is in the pulldown menu of the third icon to the left on the top toolbar.


If you haven't tried a new/different keyboard, then I would do that first, because it could be something as simple as that.

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: npc, bug, interact, click, cant talk, cant pickpocket, cant loot

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