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Items of Intense Un-Disability

random items that are useful

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Here it is:



1. Get over those high rocks with the: Double Jump Cape!

Findable at any valley! Or purchase at a shop that shouldn't sell it! 


2. Stare your opponents DOWN with the: Cyclo Hammer!

Findable in any Cyclops! No one likes fighting Cyclopses so no one has it in their shop! 

Blinds your opponent!


3. Blow away you enemies with the: Winged Glory!

Makable at the SkyForge! Literally blows away you contest!


4. Become the ultimate spy with the: I-Control-You,-Spider Spell!

Become a spider and climb up walls and across the ceiling at a slow but steady pace!

Findable at the Thieves Guild!


5. Spike a TREE through your attackers with the: Quick Bio-Club!

Simply hit the ground with it and watch a ring of spiky trees form around you!

Random chance of a Spriggin dropping it!


6. Get a random chance of being teleported to someplace you've never been of die with the: Rolling Dice!

Does what it says on the lid! Make them at any Forge!


7. Escape from a swarm of Draugr's with the: Quick Dig!

Teleport to the entrance of your cave! One time use!


8. Get gold fast with the: Lottery Ticket!

Once found, give to the Jarl in Whiterun, who will put you into the lottery! Find as many as you want and then ask hime to start it!


9. Trap you contest in a thick coating of WEBS with the: Giant Spider Abdomen Spell!

Trap them in a web and let the tiny spiders take care of the rest! Lasts for 1 hour, but its really slow death!



Thats all! Hope you enjoyed this random selection of things! Feel free to add more in the posts!

Thank you!



    That's Miss Dr. Sir Inquisitor to you

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uh... what? you want people to make these? are you making these? you need to be clearer man




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sorry 'bout that. If any one else has this question please know that i've tried modding and absolutly failed so i'm making this a request for someone else to make. hope that helps you

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