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  1. It's big service in my opinion. It's also a one-time payment that gets you no ads and increases your speed a little of a bigger one-time payment that removes ads and uncaps the speed for life. On top of that the ads don't pay out much at all.
  2. I see this explains why it looks like it works, when it doesn't! Imgur it is then:( Does this count as using social media? I don't want to become 'hip' :smile: diziet yes this technically counts as social media.
  3. Milk drinker is an insult from the real world medieval period. It's basically calling someone a child. The point being that adults didn't drink milk, only children.
  4. I'll take "not reading the post" for $1000 Daily Double, Alex My HOSTS file is about 4mb due to having a few million IP addresses in it, my HOSTS resolve takes more than a few seconds, personally I don't mind waiting a few seconds for the server too process a per-user list. PornHub has this exact feature and their servers seem to handle it just fine. Another thing that may be worthwhile is having a NexusMods browser extension with these features, since you mentioned frontend. Reddit has RES, which does all sorts of stuff client-side rather than serverside. As many note, Reddit's serverside handles are just a vast fustercluck. Pornhub makes a lot more money than the Nexus does dude
  5. you should start Skyrim via vortex. Mostly because of SKSE if you end up using it, but you don't have to
  6. You make it sound like you guys don't have a super mega awesome supercomputer control room for managing this stuff! Almost as if its just an office full of dedicated, hard-working British nerds or something.
  7. The dlc order is irrelevant as long as they are below update and skyrim
  8. Yeah. A good example of the current limitations is that of Niro. He makes gun and armor mods. If someone just wants to not see his armor mods they will lose the guns by blocking him. If Niro failed to properly tag his mods then it won't filter all of them correctly. Not to mention hide other armor mods the user may actually want.
  9. I support this idea. Having a proper tool instead of a work around and relying on users to properly tag their mods would be fantastic.
  10. You don't have to do anything with them.
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