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I can not say I really know him, I am fairly new to the RPG gaming, I have played the Diablo's and got a few RPGs and generally got bored or frustrated with them. I played and finished Oblivion a while back, Lately I have been playing and modding Playboy the Mansion and Private Party, a friend on another forum suggested his site to me for some patches and mod to Vampire the Masquard, Bloodlines. He has some really good stuff there, he also has some mods to Obvilion, which I had played through, but I am now playing with his mods, one thing I have to say is he certainly knows his stuff technically, and he has certainly responded quickly to post on his site, he is very good about giving credit to other peoples work. I am an Engineer and I understand how important it is to give credit to other peoples work especially when your improving it, and that appears to be an important element to Tessera. He certainly has opinions, so far I really like him.



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so far I really like him.

Thatt's the first time I hear that from anyone :P

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