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  1. Switch! What are you doing now a days? :D
  3. congregulation you have 3 biggest amount of posts
  4. I'm surprised he didn't return with the arrival of Fallout 3, but then again, maybe it's not his kind of game.
  5. At the moment, probably The 4400. It handles the now slightly cliché "omg people are getting freaky powers" storyline in an interesting new way without the excessive levels of gore you get with Heroes. Blugh. :P
  6. Thank you, that's a handy link and one a lot of people need. Pinned.
  7. Switch

    Grond Vern

    Hi there Grond, welcome to the forums, have fun and don't spam. ^^
  8. Untouchable1: Please don't bump, it's against the rules. Thank you.
  9. Panzer_of_God's post removed. Vigilante spam. If you have a problem with a post please report it rather than posting about it, thanks. ;) Personally I think maximillian's post is on-topic - he knows the mod exists because he's seen it in screenshots.
  10. fattmonkballs's post removed. One liner spam. Please read the rules before posting, thank you. ^^
  11. tsolless' post removed. Spam. Please read the rules before posting, thanks!
  12. I've done some cunning emergency edits... I don't think Dark0ne noticed. Or at least you'd better hope not. :ph34r:
  13. soadf1's post removed. One liner spam. Please read the rules before posting, thanks. ^^
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