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mdl file to nif files

nif files textures oblivion construction set

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So I have been trying to find a way to turn garry's mod mdl files into construction set use able nif files but yet have not found a way so I was wondering if any one on nexus knows a way to convert a mdl to nif??



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You should get any means to import and export .mdl and .nif.  Construction Set is not the tool for 3D model format conversion.  Have you ever done some google search about importing and exporting 3d model as certain formats?




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You can try, but it won't be fun anyway... If you succeed ( :thumbsup: ) we'll all benefit from your creations :smile:


To get 3d model, you'd have to export 3d data (.OBJ / .FBX) from .mdl by decompiling it, import it into a 3d program of your choice (since you want your 3d model to work in Oblivion that would be 3dMax or Blender) and then export it to a .nif file.

To get textures you'd have to decompile VTFs to TGA or PNG and convert those to .DDS.


Since I use Blender I can only tell what you need in that case.


Blender of course - latest or v249

Blender nif plugin v 2.6.0dev5 for the latest Blender or v2.5.9 for Blender v2.49


To view and export 3d model from .MDL file, try:

Noesis - scroll down the list for the latest version (exports to OBJ, FBX) or

Crafty (exports to OBJ)


Since both programs have advantages and disadvantages (Google), you may want to get raw SMD file (what is .SMD file) by decompiling a .MDL file with Crowbar [Source Engine Modding Tool] , which you can then feed into Noesis if you so wish, or import directly into the Blender with Blender Source Tools importer/exporter.

Alternative .MDL decompiler - Cannonfodder's MDL Decompiler - fixed version  /   original source Cannon Fodders's Half - Life 2 Tools


To view and export textures from .VTFs, you can use (NOTE: If you use Noesis to export to FBX it should assign textures to models automatically):

VTFEdit - standalone tool

VTF plugin for 32bit Photoshop

VTF plugin for GIMP (alternative d/l source)


Good Luck :dance:

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