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First time PC gamer and college student

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Hello everyone,


Ever since Skyrim first debut I've dreamed of being able to play it with mods. After saving up and years of playing aroudn on console I finally got a decent rig and have Skyrim on PC! I'm looking forward to expericing Skyrim again with renewd vigor! I hope to get to know you all and learn much about this new world.

âI'm an (almost) 25 year old college kid studying IT and work part time.


Thank you!




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Hi there,


it seems that we're in the same boat in regard to Nexus Forums, Skyrim on PC and studying IT. :smile:


Even though I have owned Skyrim for years, I never got a proper playthrough started. Probably because the intro for Skyrim (the ride as prisoner on a cart to Helgen) didn't appear a clear graphical improvement over Oblivion, which gave me my fill of that kind of gaming entertainment once. And because this meant I probably needed to use a lot of mods to enjoy Skyrim, and the modding scene for this game seemed like a djungle to get through. But now I have finally got the Mod Manager for Skyrim Special Edition working and a character on his way for real. 


This despite less than optimal rig, as one can perhaps see from the image below.


Dragar trying to figure out the riddle of the Golden Claw:



Anyway, have fun, TheHyperTogruta. SSE on PC definitely looks like it can deliver. :smile:

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Hi guys, when do you have enough time to play? due to the large amount of homework in college, I don’t have time, although I like games very much.



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There was no IT when I was studying during 1972 - 1974. 


There was a computer science class.



I'm 70 years, 9 months, and ahem, a few days older now.  That's the way I think it.  Suited me fine until people wanted less talk and more attention paid to the next course of their making.


A moment ago I listened to the 1974 song, sung by John Lennon, titled "Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright.  It's your money and it's your life.   


I'm trying to imagine what life and technology could be like when you get to be my age.





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