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  1. Its present opening time. I looked in to see what condition was and found myself talking to someone about cars. I asked if the person knew what a Go Cart was.
    1. Pagafyr


      I have a Cloud on another computer with 8 TB of space with all the posts I ever posted on Forurms Nexusmods dot com.  Think of it as a think tank. 

      Yeah and remember me!    I with the Avatar of Pagafyr was a fool and deleted my account just to find out what would happen.  I am no longer a fool about that question, because I can see and know what resulted from doing it.  Now it smarts a little whenever I look and see what happened.

      It sure would be nice if Dark0ne would restore my accounts content so all of the newbs can see it is just Little ol' Me, still.  Yours truly, " Pagafyr "

      No!  I didn't Die Mktavish!  I was a fool for knowledge and paid the price by finding out what the link called, DELETE ACCOUNT actually does deletes.



  2. I just dropped in too. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you! And to all a Goodnight.
  3. Pizza tasted good! The only reason I have for going out to get some fresh air would be because of the habit from family life of opening a door to let out some of the body heat from a large family crowd. While everyone is having a GREAT TIME Chatting about each others Family affairs for the last year! Stepping out on the front porch for a breather is all I'll ever need to do. May your holidays be Merry!
  4. I hope your holiday is Merry! :- )
  5. The Fog, collectively gotten over the years, is leaving my mind. It had gathered while spending years living in a building that might have qualified as a historical marker. My FO: Vault 112
  6. I took a bite of some cheese that was being cooled in the refrigerator. Couldn't smell it because it was cooled. As soon as I got a little of it roaming around in my mouth I realized my taste buds were recuperated from all the natural gasses I have been inhaling. My body is doing just what it says in the health journals on the Internet. Airing out the bad air and getting in the good air. My taste buds are working so well, it's like I have been reborn. I am sure glad I woke up in time to stop breathing the gas from the leak in the old forced air furnace. I got the people to turn off that natural gas to this old mystery motel/hotel lobbies pipes that were in the hall overhead. The gas line feed pipe is about tucked in the crease by the wall and ceiling and ran from the west end of the hall to the east end just outside the door to the computer room and sleeping area and then took a elbow turn to the north to the broken down old furnace. There isn't a danger of getting gassed anymore. I am feeling so much better. Now I know I definitely am going to enjoy the flavors of the next pizza I get. Woo Hoo!
  7. Character sleeping in a video game. Like; MORROWIND. Being between sleep and awake, dreaming. Or a Power Nap?! So I have more time to play a video game. Yeah? Power Nap! Are you dreaming?
  8. What's on my mind?! Well... I wondered what the hair is doing up there so I used my camera's selfie setting to see what surprise sleeping did for it this morning.
  9. Hm? Now that I have no gaseous demons airs threatening me in my house, a tower heater removing the nip from the cold air, and no one shouting orders at me; I am so relaxed, if I get anymore relaxed I would be dead. LOL
  10. While I was rummaging through the parts for building various electrical devices; I happened upon a tower heater that appears to have been designed for stone, brick, concrete shallow basements. I kept searching through the electronic parts I have stored in the old Ice House turned into a garage. Yeah! It's got that garage problem too. I need to move some stuff out so I can get the car in there. Anyway! I set up the Hunter 30 inch tower where I used to have a air cleaner and turned it on. Little hope that it would do much more than just take the edge off of the cold evenings. I went back to searching through my stock piles of filament's, huge radio bulbs for old machines. Triodes and Diodes so big just turning them into a goth end table lamp looks good and they warm the room around them real well. I went to put together some parts and found out that an Infrared heater might work nicely for the house basement. I checked out the info on the Internet. I got to thinking that I might just convert the natural gas furnace into an electric and use a rod from a heater core. Then thought. No! I pondered the Infrared devices on the market. They heat what ever is near them, not the air though. I wondered about how that might be used in another way. So I got a small overhead one for the garage (ex Ice House). My little propeller on my thinking cap is spinning so fast I might need to add some scale weights in my pockets or strap myself down to the chair. :ohmy: I am having fun again! :laugh:
  11. I found a bomb shelter style heater for these building types with solid basement walls deep in the ground. It keeps brick and stone walls in the room that is 10 ft x 12 ft x 8 ft ceiling cozy and warm. I'll bet the creators were babies like me when the Atom Bomb Cold War talks were still causing people to imagine some day, somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high; we will all be living in a shelter deep in the ground Oh! My!
  12. I visited the page for to vote. Wow! I was so peeved at the way Andromeda phased out the game I never found any reason to even ponder that they might have a modder fan site. Wow! I might actually play Mass Effect: Andromeda again if I find any mods from the list to be voted on. There might be a mod or two to make it better; where the video games creators broke it.
  13. I am ALIVE! The basement of the building that used to be a boiler room, and utility room in the 1800's, is constantly 55 degree F. Living in the basement of the grand little lobby, about 170 sq. ft in space will be safe. The place is like I have experienced camping out in the mountains during the Summer months. A warm 50+ degree F. night sleeping in a tent with a sleeping bag is exhilarating when vacationing. I hope I do not become acclimatized to living that way, before I am able to install a new heating system. The 182.5 square foot space which is the basement is able to maintain the constant temperature of 55 degrees F. without any kind of heater. I will survive!
  14. The wind is gusting about. Blowing snow that was on the tree off stinging any exposed flesh. Time to go in and be glad my last test for the toilet's seal was a success.
  15. The last test to confirm the toilet bowl throne seal was indeed not leaking was one I had to hold my nose for. I mean if I breathed the stuff that I poured into the bowl I would not have been able to find out if it was able to find a passage out through the around the seal. I flushed the water out first so the ounce of the secret ingredient would not maintain it's powerful scent after the bowl refiled with water. It went down with the previous flush. I put the lid seat and the lid down backed up a ways. Waited for a minute or two. Crouched down below the ceramic gods bowl so I did not get any airs from it. Then opened my nostrils. No scent of the most powerful cleaning fluid was detected. Chlorine symbol Cl and atomic number 17.never fails to find a path. If there is a passage Chlorine will find it. I am so happy now! I should be...
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