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Random and Unpredictable CTD

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Hi guys,

I recently reformatted my computer as I was getting tired of all the stuff I had installed, and also re-installed Skyrim.

I downloaded a bunch of mods right off the bat basically. Bunch of different stuff like Apachii Hair, Ashen race, official DLC high tex pack, better meshes, Wars in Skyrim, etc, bunch of stuff.

Anyway, I'm experiencing seemingly random CTD' and BSoDs. They've happened in the middle of a field outside, in whiterun, in a cave, in Riverwood, basically everywhere and seemingly random.

Odd things happen after Skyrim CTD's. What I mean by that is other programs don't work either, for example:

I usually have MSI Afterburner open just so I can look at the graphs of GPU temperature and stuff afterward, and after Skyrim CTD's all the data in the graphs kind of.....comes and goes. Like one second it will be there, for a few seconds then it will disappear for a few seconds and come back - at seemingly random intervals.

Google Chrome will not launch. If I try to launch it it gives me like 3 or 4 error messages of the same error message saying it failed to launch.

If I try to reload Skyrim it fails to launch as well. I'm forced to Reboot my computer to get everything working again.

Due to this, I believe when the game is CTD it must be some kind of Driver problem? Am I going in the right direction by thinking that? I've checked Event Viewer every time I've CTD and there is no event recorded at all. Nothing in Application or System sections.
When I get BSoD there is nothing in the BSoD itself that would indicate what caused the problem. Of course, in Event Viewer I when I get a BSoD I have a Critical failure there but it doesn't indicate what file is the problem either.

I've been systematically disabling mods one by one and playing Skyrim in between to see if I still get BSoD and CTD issues. So far I haven't come across the culprit yet, IF it is even a mod that's causing it and not some underlying thing. The last one I just disabled was a Shadow Striping Fix mod which seemed to give me the most playtime thus far, though it could be by sheer luck as I've previously stated the time frames that I've been able to play have varied greatly.

System is as follows:

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
4GB DDR200
Phenom II X4 965 Quad Core
nVidia 296.10 Driver (Newest)

I don't know what to do...

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Well one problem is the latest patch it has been causing CTD for a lot of people so thats one of your problems. as for the BSOD thats a problem with your system something isn't reading right.




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I was about to come and say that it was RCRN (Realistic Colors Real Nights) that was causing my BSoD's because I was playing with it turned off and was never having a problem and then BOOM. BSoD.

So it's not that.

I've got every single mod DISABLED now and still getting BSoD. I wonder if it's MSI Afterburner itself. I am using a Beta version of it, afterall.

Try that next...

Morwyn Kelm

Morwyn Kelm

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Skyrim is a very well-made random CTD generator. Didn't you know that?

Part of the fun is modding it and spending countless hours bug-fixing. It's pointless, mindless fun!

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