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Skyrim SE string counts

saves strings string count

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Does SKYRIM SE have a LARGER String Count? Or not?!


Trying to ascertain the truth here. 


Oldrim = max string count ceiling @65,550 due to save game on disk using 16bit unsigned integer.

Skyrim SE = ?


Some folks are adamant the Oldrim String Count is still valid.

I have read on Reddit a few folks that are equally adamant that Skyrim SE uses 32bit integer, therefore giving virtually unlimited string count.


There are those with stable save games over 70,000 strings, others who are equally sure their saves exploded by going over the 65,550 limit.


I think it serves the community to have an expert nail down the exact truth of this matter and lay out their evidence.


Please - anyone care to help?  I am not I.T. capable. I think strings are bits of twine.   :happy:



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