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Killing off lords?

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Is there a mod out there that lets you kill off leaders? Theres ton of them in the game. instead of capturing them and holding them for ransom it would be cool If they can be executed ya know?




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There used to be a lot of older mods that sometimes had that feature. Most tried to compensate for that ability with massive relation hits with everyone, and seemed to be pretty unpolished. There is a script for it floating around that I could link you too, but that needs some modding skill for this game and a basic understanding of the module system.




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In the base game engine that isn't possible. Lords are treated as immortals, and will always only be captured or escape when you defeat them, and are even located in a different section of the mod structure, just so the game will recognize which units will never die. If you remove them from this section, they'll be killable and treated as regular troops. However, they also won't be able to lead armies, become vassals or hold fiefs.

That being said, the only way to do it is to make some kind of script, which I don't even know is possible. The script might look like this: if you defeat a lord and certain conditions are met, the lord will be placed in a disconnected interior map and will never leave. I don't know if that will work, and I don't know what the AI would do if the lord is unable to exit a certain area. Because I know the AI is hardcoded to actively look for something to do based on the lord's personality (relation with other lords, both allies and enemies), and also if their King or War Marshall summons them they may still come out.

The only alternative is to have them join you somehow. I think this is easier to do in Warband than in the original M&B game. You're going to need vassals anyway if you're going to rule the entire land.

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