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I got myself a good'ol case of nobody knows this bug.

wall of (element) not working

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So, as the title says. i got myself one of those rare ones. when i cast wall of storms (presumably all of them but haven't tested that yet) it only makes the storm wall where the spell lands, and doesn't make any more. This is the first time me comeing across this. i dont have any mods that directly affect and of the element wall spells (possible noteworthy mods are ordinator, apocalypse, and arcanum but those add new spells/effect damage only).








From what i looked up on the internet. i only found 1 other post about this bug, and it slim to no info on it. you can count the amount of comments on 1 hand. needless to say this is really annoying when you trying to stun someone and then use this to make them walk in a path of damage.


I've tried reseting game, running LOOT, loading saves, none of it did anything.



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What mods are you running? Would be interesting to open them all up in SEEdit, and see which mods, if any, are affecting that particular spell.




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I am having the same issue; for me it is ONLY the "Wall of Storms" spell though.  The flame wall and ice wall spells works fine.  I need to take a look at staffs that use these spells and see if the same problem is there.


Basically, "Wall of Storms" won't spray; it just casts once.  It's useless.


I've been going through my mods with SSEEdit to see if I can find what's up.  It's driving me crazy, none of my magic mods are affecting this.


My guess is some noob modder made a rogue edit in a completely unrelated mod.  OP, if you post your mod list, it will help me track this down.

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