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Inquiry for Mods on PS4

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My english is very bad and i had my text translated via google and hope everything is understandable.


Unfortunately, I do not know whether my request is correct here. If not, I apologize in advance :smile:


I would like to know if the following mods are feasible
create or whether there are already such for the Playstation 4 game.
For the vault 88:
- Buildable corners of the rooms with windows.
- Smaller atrium corners like in the other Vaults.
- Smaller railings (corner railings)
generally smaller Vault components
(There are more space-saving components in the other Vaults)
- Spotlights for the high vaulted atrium ceilings.
- a buildable video screen like the one in the school room in vaut 85
- buildable or placeable bubbleheads (turrets) for ceiling and walls
(there is a mod that offers them, but these guns can only be placed on the floor)
-I'm also looking for buildable or placeable NPCs or buildable and placeable animation mats (rugs) for:
- Children's NPCs that play like Bunker Hill or Vault 95.
(I always assign them to school desks in Vault 88, but after school they just stand around and it doesn't look that nice.)
- buildable NPCs like Vault-Tec scientists who work (like in Vault 111 at the beginning of the game)
- a buildable or placeable NPC like the hairdresser from Vault 95 or Diamond City.
I mean an animation of a hairdresser cutting a customer's hair.
- It would also be great to have a doctor who does something in the Vault tec lab coat as in the vault 95. (the settlers only stand around with a clipboard and pen)
I hope my wishes are not unrealistic.
Unfortunately I don't have a computer to create something myself.
I tried to install the PC game with the Creation Kit on my laptop, but the computing power of my laptop is far from sufficient to start the program.
So I thought it would be a good idea to ask the people who create such mods.
And I would also like to thank you for creating so many great mods that you use to beautify the game
Please excuse the long text ... and the many wishes.
If someone should answer, it would be nice to put it as simply as possible, since I was all your translation into German.


Thank you for your attention and wish you all a nice Christmas

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Sony only allows .esp, or .esm files, no additional assets, so, likely it simply isn't possible on PS/4.



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Hi Jan!

Your English is good, we can understand you. :)

The big problem with most of the things that you are wanting, is that they are not in the game as regular items.  Sony has rules that say that unless the items are there from Bethesda, we can not add new items to the game.

Because of that, bethesda will not allow such mods to be listed on their website, for the Playstation 4.  And that is the only way that you can get mods to install on the PS4.


I do not know most of the mods that you are talking about.  But I hope that some of them can be worked out. ;)


Good luck :)




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i'd like to point out consoles are terrible for mods and mod makers.


Modders already have a hard time modding for PC. they almost never bother with consoles due to lifespan. people buy ps1, dead in a few years.. then ps2... etc etc


only worth of consoles is some exclusive games but not worth hundreds of dollars imo



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I have to agree there.  I haven't purchased a console since... well, since I graduated high school back in 91.

Played on a few, and tbh, it's simple.  There's no where near the complications of installing on a PC, and the availability of a much bigger screen to play on is kinda nice.


But all said, I've been a modder since... well, since we all used to hear "You've got mail" every time you logged in, after listening to your modem dial out.  (And possibly hearing other members in the house yell at you that you just deafened them while they were on the phone!)


Anybody is welcome to call me a mod snob, but yeah... I just get too many ideas for games that I'm playing, not to be able to get in there and tinker.


Playstation is really bad about it tho.  For Fallout 4, you not only have a mod limit of 149 mods (You have to count Fallout4.esm as part of your load order there too) but the no external assets rule that Sony has, is a huge drawback.  Not to mention that you can't install external progs like f4se, or run savegame maintenance programs or anything like that.

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