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The Evolving Society Mod

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[EDIT} Project renamed:


I need contributions from creative minds!

I have been nourishing this idea of a large island that starts completely wild and untouched and, at the end, if the player plays right, turns out into a big business with plantations, cattle and small villages all over the place.

- - - - - - - - -

NEW MOD SPECS - as of March 2010 (the original post is at the botttom)

After working for more than a year on several aspects of the mod, I am ready to put them all together now.

But, first of all, I want to thank again everybody that posted on the mod forums. I've been classifying the ideas and suggestions from the community. I must have read every single phrase at least half a dozen times and I think I got them well organized for future reference.

The specifications below are the result of merging my initial idea with many others that improved and complemented them. There are still many other ideas and suggestions kept in a wish list for future use.

The specifications below are the 'best scenario' for the first Beta version of the mod.
Apart for some small adjustments, I don't intend to add new concepts during this phase.
I may drop some of the concepts described if they prove impractical for any reason.

Some comments up front:
The mod scripts will be based on my NPC ACE (adapted to these specs) and my Construction Suit (Beta testing)
No NPCs enacting their trade (with the possible exception of the farmer, as I already have it [video])
No interiors - NPCs will go in and out, but the player will not go in - possible exceptions:
• the Inn (as the player will recruit there),
• the Theater (again, because I already have it - [video])
• and of course, the Player's Villa and Player's Office (see description)

Playable at any Player level
No interference from current game state
No interference to current game state
 Kind of a semi-TotalConversion? Or would it be a Semi-Conversion? lol
1.1. Player role
From the very beginning:
Must have the right to order NPCs around
Must have the right to determine what will be built
Must have the right to determine where to build and which architecture
 Therefore: Medieval Lord and serfs (maybe Owner and employees)

Game relies on a few major components:
Player - recruits NPCs, builds/improves/relocates facilities, manages the island
NPCs - the inhabitants of the island: a few that arrive with the PC and others recruited from a steady flow of visiting NPCs
Facilities - The places that, somehow affect the life on the island. Most require an NPC and produce some kind of material (e.g Food, brick), product (e.g ships) or service (e.g security). Some are required to go beyond a certain level (e.g sewer, granary).
Food - required to keep the population alive
Materials - Raw materials are used to build simple building (stone and logs) and to be transformed into more advanced building materials required for better buildings (bricks, planks and metal parts)
Indicators and Satisfaction - Several aspects of the island live are represented by indicators, which directly affect population satisfaction and, indirectly, affect productivity. A dissatisfied NPC works slower and may, on extreme cases, leave the island.

The player will influence the speed and direction of the community growth by:
• Creating and upgrading the facilities
• Recruiting and assigning NPCs to the jobs
• Keeping the NPCs happy, creating services facilities as the community grows more sophisticated.
• Providing the required inputs (e.g. weapons and armor for the guards)
• Providing optional inputs to improve production (side quests to be defined)

The player will have a 'Player's Office', a kind of War Room, from where the player will follow the evolution of the community.

Each facility needs one or more NPCs to run the business.
Facilities are built at the lowest level and may be upgraded to higher levels as the NPC gets more experience.
Required materials must be available to build and upgrade facilities.

3.1. Extraction Facilities
Produce food and raw materials (logs, raw stones and ore).
• Farm
• Forest
• Quarry
• Mine

3.2. Processing Facilities
Specialized facilities to process raw materials into advanced building materials
• Sawmill
• Masonry
• Foundry
• Smith

3.3. Production Facilities
Specialized facilities that create products.
• Shipyard
• Wood works
• Stone works
• Metal works

3.4. Service Facilities:
Specialized facilities that provide services.
• Boarding House >> Inn >> Hotel
• Chapel >> Church >> Cathedral
• Healer >> Apothecary >> Hospital
• Barracks

3.5. City Improvements (don't need an NPC)
• Granary - required to store food
• Sewer - required to upgrade buildings
• Dock - required to import/export and attract more visitors
• Armory - required to store guards weapons and armor
• Parks and other city beautifications
• Public baths - enhance Health
• Public lights - enhance Security
• Paved Streets
• Paved Roads
• Theater
• Outposts to contain wildlife

3.6. HOUSES:
Where the NPCs live.

When creating new facilities, the player will choose the position and angle of the building, as well as the building size and architectural style.
The higher the facility level, the more options the player has.
Within the available building options for the facility level, the player may move the buildings around and change style at no cost, any time (just aesthetics).

Besides the facility buildings, the player will have a choice of adding some other constructions that will affect the community, like parks, street lights, city walls, etc. These constructions consume building materials.

And, very cheap or free, the player may add all kinds of beautification to the city: wells, trees, fences, flowers, benches, etc. No limits here. Anything! I mean it! Anything she can find in the game, she can add to the city.

For those that enjoy it, creating, improving and tending the city visuals may be a game all by itself.

5.1. Hiring
NPCs will show at port and stay at the inn for a few days -or- naufrages?
Player may recruit / hire them and assign them a job.

5.2. Leveling
NPCs will accumulate wealth, change status and will be more demanding over time
NPCs will accumulate experience on the activity and will be more productive over time.
Wealthy NPCs may hire other NPCs as workforce or house servants

5.3. General
When assigned a job, will occupy a free facility, if available
When assigned a job, will occupy a free house, if available
There is a chance of NPCs moving together depending on the house level
May demand better house to match his/her status (or be unhappy)
May demand better work facilities to match his/her experience (or be unhappy)

5.4. Attributes
Each profession has a major attribute that determines how well an NPC performs his/her tasks:
Strength - for Farmer, Lumberjack, Stone miner and Miner
Intelligence - for Carpenter, Mason, Smelter, Smith
Agility (craftsmanship) - for Shipbuilder and Wood, Stone and Metal artisans
Personality - for Innkeeper, Cleric, Healer
None - for Guard

5.5. Production
NPCs will go to work at the beginning of the day if:
• Has 1 food -or- work at half speed + dissatisfaction
• Has a work facility
• Has raw material, if applicable

At the end of the day:
• Add product to warehouse or record the services provided
• Go home - if has one
• Go to the inn - if there is an inn + mild dissatisfaction based on status
• Sleep in the streets + dissatisfaction based on status

The quantity produced at the end of the process cycle is variable and will be affected by:
• The NPC attribute
• The NPC satisfaction
• The experience of the NPC
• The level of the facility
• The presence of optional objects and knowledge subject of side quests [to be defined]

Cyrodiil gold has no use in the island

There will be some scripted, invisible indicators of the economic activity that could be considered as a currency;
As such, we could say that from the 'payment' of a day's work:
• Part goes to the worker - as a lifelong indicator of wealth / status
• Part goes to the owner of the facility - as rent
• part for the city treasure - as an economic indicator
• part to the Lord/Lady - as a guideline for gradually building the player home as a reward for the job well done (or game well played).

7.1. Personal Way of Life
Affected by
• Food - cumulative 10% dissatisfaction per day without food
• House - 10% dissatisfaction per difference in NPC status x House level
• Facility - 10% dissatisfaction per difference in NPC experience x Facility level

7.2. Personal Services
Affected by availability of (*)
• Bar
• Bath
• Theater

7.3. City Services
Affected by availability of (*)
• Security - Barracks, city lights, security force size
• Health - sewer and health care facilities
• Religion - shrines and religious facilities
• ?? - parks and city beautification

7.4. Economy
Affected by
• Production - Moving average of the daily production in units of material
• Treasury - Moving average of the daily production in units of currency
• Population - Moving average of the population size

(*) Moving average of the daily state of 1 point per building level, weighed by NPC status

Materials are stored in a global, virtual warehouse to be used by processes, consumed or exported

8.1. Food
Food is used to keep the population alive.
A quantity of food is consumed every day by each individual resident in the island

8.2. Wood cycle: Log >> Plank
Wood is mostly used to build/improve houses/shops (initially) and boats/ships (later)

8.3. Stone cycle: Stone >> Brick
Stone is needed to build simple houses. Brick to upgrade them

8.4. Metal cycle: Ore >> Ingot >> Metal parts
Metal parts are needed to improve houses/shops (initially) and boats/ships (later)

Military forces affect Security Indicator
Military facilities affect Security Indicator
Citizens act as militia, until replaced by pros

9.1. Weapons and armor
Central armory, when built
Guards choose the best equip every morning
Player may add equipments to Armory

9.2. Building / Facilities

9.3. Ranks
Guards will go up in ranks according to the general rule

9.4. Pirates/bandits raids:
Pirates and bandits attack every once in a while
Nearby guards run to face them.
Citizens will complement the force, if necessary, or run inside.
Player may help
Unpredictable outcome
Outcome determines destruction of buildings / improvements / goods

9.5. Wilderness
Hostile beasts in the wilderness will keep away from improved areas after the player does a first 'clean up'.

At some milestones along the way, the happy subjects will offer their leader a new building for the Playes's Villa.
The player will choose where to place it and will be able to 'decorate' the Villa exterior the same way he/she gives better looks for the city.

The player arrives with a few NPCs so they can raise the island to a level that justifies visitors (that will be hired to increase the population)
The lore is still open.

Events toward the end of the mod are still fuzzy and will be better defined when there is a working prototype to test.

That's all, folks . . . I hope I did not forget much . . . comments are appretiated, as always

[This same text has been posted in the three mod forums: Bethesda Softworks Forums - TES Nexus Forums - The Wormhole Forums ]

- - - - - - - -
Original post (18-Nov-2008)

Hi everybody!

I have been nourishing this idea of a large island that starts completely wild and untouched and, at the end, if the player plays right, turns out into a big business with plantations, cattle and small villages all over the place.

Unlike most mod requests, I think I can handle most of the technical stuff (except modeling), but I am no good at all with words: creating story lines, plots, quest etc is alien to me, even in my native language. I could not even come up with a good title for this mod/thread. The subtitle is shamelessly cloned from Lisnpuppy.

That is why I am asking for your creative ideas for the main storyline, the side quests and the works.

To make sure this is possible, I will spend the next couple of months 'probing' the feasibility of the many technical features that will be needed, like how to turn a forest into farmland, how to get settlers to work the land, how to dynamically place rows of some plant so it looks like a farm field, etc.

During this period, I would love to hear the ideas you may come up with. Just dump your ideas in this thread.

These are the major guidelines I will stick to, so let's stay within their boundaries:
  • The mod is intended to mimic a small, Middle Age settlement growing into a medium-sized city, including its effect in the surrounding area.
  • There is no Main Quest as we know it. The player will need to manage and balance a few aspects of the game to keep things going. The player plays the cards right, the community flourishes. Plays it wrong or leaves things unattended for too long and things dry and shrink.
  • The evolution (grow or shrink) should be based on player's decisions, not on player's actions. Although some decisions may require some actions.
  • No big hero, savior of the world deeds. The need of the player's combat/magic abilities should be kept to a minimum. Maybe take care of some wild beasts or clean up a mine, at most. But even these could be done without the player.
  • Side quests should be normal, every-day events/situations the player has to deal with (like a bad crop or a neighbor’s quarrel). Some may need some kind of compromise from the player. Some, if left unattended, should interfere with the evolution.
  • No sexual/adult/mature ideas, please. In this area I can be very creative all by myself, thank you.
  • [I will add more as they occur to me]
The remaining aspects of the mod are open.
These are some of my ideas, so you can get the picture of what I am talking about:


I am not sure whether the player should be:
(1) Lady/Lord of the Land and the NPCs her/his subjects. Player rules from a throne room. Subjects are granted audiences to present their problems (side quests). Main quest balancing would be discussed with a group of ministries.
(2) Mayor of the community. Hears rumors of problems and has to go somewhere to solve them. Main quest balancing would be done by passing laws and regulations.
(3) Anything in between . . . or a mix of both . . . or something else altogether.

How would it start? The obvious "player finds a map of a lost island"? Would the island society start from a few natives or the player must hire a few initial settlers from mainland?

I imagine the end being an island with a fair sized city (with a nice port, some local commerce, etc) and a few peasant villages scattered over the island. Most of the area used for production and some wild life reserves to keep the environment healthy.

Is there a need for a storyline/lore to get from the beginning to the end?

And, of course, a good name for this mod is in order!


My original idea was a farm island, so the player would have to collect a certain quantity of whatever ingredient to work as seed (say 100 strawberries). The peasants would clear a piece of land and grow strawberries (the land would initially show the peasants working on it and, later on, show ordered rows of strawberry bushes). After some time, the peasants would harvest the strawberries and the player would take it to a major city to sell (later on, as the community grows, this would be done automatically by merchant ships coming to the island)

To start this process there must be enough free peasants available, money to pay them, . . . what else?

Much later, if the player chooses to invest in it (money?, time & effort?, resources?), there would be an Alchemy Factory of sorts and the crops could be sent there and the resulting potions would be sold for a higher profit.

A similar concept could be applied to
- mining > smithing > weaponry
- cattle > food > clothing?
- Forests > timber > houses

At first, the player should do the hard work (like collecting seeds and selling the crop). Later on [maybe as a result of a side quest or based on the evolution level] some/all of these things will be done automatically [like a specialized peasant will do it or a immigrating merchant will provide the seeds and buy the crops]

What would the player gain/profit/achieve from being a good manager/ruler? Money? (I don't think so). Going up ranks within the community? Some very special items that would only be produced by the community at certain stages? Just the feeling of achievement?

What kind of things will be monitored and have to be balanced? I suppose some very basic society needs like: happiness, food supply, shelter, public health. Ideas?

SIDE QUESTS (some ideas to start with)

Some of the farm tools disappeared. Crop is in danger.
Production is low because a wild beast is attacking the peasants in the fields
[some NPC] is depressed because his/her companion is cheating on him/her
(. . . what did I tell you about my creativity? . . . )

It would be nice to have some (or all) side quests that would improve one aspect of the people needs while being bad to some other area. Like the player deciding one way it would improve general happiness but reduce production. Deciding the other way would have an opposite effect.

[YES, I am roughly think along the lines of the Civ/AoE games. Not the tech advancement or conquest aspects, just the growing communities. Maybe closer to The Settlers game of several years back.
NO, I am not trying to reinvent the wheel or creating a whole new game. I just hope that it will be possible to figure out a small set of rules (within the game engine capabilities) that will make this kind of evolving mod possible]

I suppose this brainstorming phase is where one finds most of the fun of creating a mod. I have my fun figuring out ways to make things happen in the game. Later on, actually creating the mod is mostly hard work.

So, let's get to work . . . hum . . . have some fun.

And don't worry whether it is possible or not. Make it happen is my job. [. . . well . . . just don't go overboard]

I don't intend to interfere much with the huge (*fingers crossed*) flow of ideas, besides some shameless thread bumps here and there. See you in a couple of months, when I hope I will have some of the technical building blocks figured out and ready to go.

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I could provide something.

How to get the player to the Island:
Well, since your Island community is to be a growing one, maybe they sent out for People to join them to earn the benefits this Land has to offer.
This would be like the Handbills the english Government handed out to populate the new Colony in America.
They where giving away Land for free in Order to lure Settlers to America in Order to improve Trading in the Colony.
More People working on their Crops meant not only more Crops to trade with, but also a greater Variety of them.

So, your community wants to be a bit bigger, so they send out Flyers to attract Settlers.

"A New Life awaits you! We have fertile Land, far away from the Wars of the Past and struggles of today. We will take Care of anyone who wishes to settle here.
You can plant your Crops and see how it grows while our island will grow on you.
You will only need some tools and determination to build your new Life here, on _____!"

That will attract Settlers and the Player.

Now about Quests:

The Island may as well contain something useful for the Player character, like Master Trainers, maybe a teleporter to the Playerhouses in Cyrodiil.

The Place would start out with Farmers. the island will need something more. The People maybe able to grow their Food, but they will want something more. The first Thing should be a Ship. The Player could buy the "Serpents Wake" quite cheaply and hire a Crew to establish a Trade route.
The Ship will not be seen sailing anywhere, but as soon as the Player does this Quest there will be some more Goods on the Island. The Serpents wake could bring some Booze in, which brings me to the Next Point: A Bar.
The Player will provide Money. An NPC will build a Bar, or an Inn.

This could be done in Steps. When the Player decides he wont give up a large Amount of Money, the Inn will be little more than a Shack, like the Inns that can be found scattered in Cyrodiil, or the one in Aleswell. If the Player coughs up more Gold, the inn will be bigger.

A Chapel would be next. Grandmaster Jauffre would be pleased to send Brother Renip, which joined the Order recently, to oversee the construction of a new Chapel. Renip could be Priest there and a Master restoration Trainer.

With the chapel Quest, the island will need a decent Port first. Carrying cases of Booze Landwarts on a Boat is one thing, but Stones are another.

A harbour makes it possible to haul the Cargo directly of a Ship. Have the church in the center of the settlement, while the Inn would be at the Harbour. There should be some Kind of Bay to serve as a natural Harbour. Where the Ships lay Anchor to bring Goods or new Settlers, the Inn could be and then a real Harbour.




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Yeah i tend to agree with madman but also thing that you should have people handing the flyers making it a little more personal. and the island shouldn't be some awesome quest ending in swords or giving the player all these extravagant and outlandish prizes. the ending prize is your own colony working under your command and maybe a new house or something.

you should be able to invest in the businesses too.

another thought i had when i saw this was that its a kind of under the rug job somewhere far away. Its a colony or some place of interest to the Legion and heirarchy. there should be small conflicts and disputes erupting on the island/place and it should be totally described as a great place. in the pamphlet itr should hint at the fact of sectarian violence or a land despute but treat it like no biggy. it should be written like its mysterious and and undercover job but your heroic pc want to check it out.

there should be a journal entry saying something along the lines of: "Hmmm. I've just recieved an invitation to settle down in a new colony run by the Imperial Legion and Heirarchy. Something is a little fishy but they promise some free land and other consolations. I might as well try it out. A ship will be anchoring in the Imperial Harbor (Waterfront) to take me and some others there."

then instead of a ship it should be a small boat like the bloated float or sometyhing that size. it should be beat up and when you are on the way you should run into pirates or something else. some of the other passengers should die in a scuffle and maybe a good firned you've met on the way to add some kind of urgency or new found mission to the story. when you arrive you should be stuck in the middle of a fight too. k ill write more but im at school so later guys hope you like the ideas.



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How about...
Chancellor Ocato sends you to check it out. You go there and find the island to be inhabited by Nords or Nedes (Proto-nords). Nedes could be more accurrate because they'd be more primative. You travel to the highest point of the island. You hear a voice, the voice of Julianos, god of wisdom and knowledge. He gives you a gift to help the land. Then basically, all the Nedes/Nords become literate and can speak and yeah. It's a crap idea.
And then you could just go on quests to obtain things for the fledgling society, from the aedra/daedra and other stuff and some such, then guiding the formation of the land. It's the best I could come up with in 5 seconds.




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Hmm. The price one must pay.

Well, the mod I am working on as a house mod, and time killer is a mod on a island, Little in the way of farming but it has a massive dock and even a shipyard (building ships). Since your mod will take place on a island as well, perhaps you could impliment a import/export dock on your island. The larger your society grows, the more things you can export, the more money you make.



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Maybe the islands ruling class is of the "Let them eat cake" state of mind and the inhabitants are suffering from it. The player could be the one who helps with ideas and as his fame grows he would have confrontations with the ruling class, maybe a few "Civilized" duels. The players support from the farming community could grow eventually leading to the player becoming the new ruler. Since you seem not to want the"kill everything in sight" type of quests that are so abundant in Oblivion, your side quests could be to provide a service or to convince others to provide services to the inhabitants of the island. You could perhaps convince a ships captain to ferry supplies and commodities to and from the island by finding his missing daughter. You could help someone set up a farm or clear out the wild animals that are preventing them from setting it up. You could use the gold you earn from your efforts to invest in and help with the setting up of a banking system eventually earning enough to build new towns.

As far as a reason for the player to visit the island, have every homeless beggar in the game offer a topic of how bad it was back on the island that they came from.



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How about this:
You start out with a scarcely explored island and an unknown area of ocean. With the Serpent's Wake or w/e, you take quests to find new land to sort expand your 'empire.' U find mysterious lands, fight / bargain with native tribes, it would be fun. I also had an earlier idea that you would find this place to be hostile, as it would seem rather sketchy that you would just be invited with open arms as ruler of this entire place. (Isn't that sketchy?) Maybe the inner government could actually be composed of necromancers and the later you find out about their deeds in your manipulation the deeper you have stooped yourself into those infamous deeds, and done unspeakable things with the town you would not have noticed before. So say you do find out and stop the necromancers (or w/e they are). Now you find your town is tainted with sin and you must gain the god's forgiveness (and do a crazy quest like in the book Knightfall, where your crops will not grow until your town is cleansed of its plague of evil. Of course back to your idea of "no hero of the world stuff"
A third idea is pirates. Maybe you want to be evil in this realm and when you hear about it you stow away in the (Serpent's Wake) instead of delightedly accepting the offer. When you get there you somehow join a band of pirates actually do evil things against the society. Again this would go along with my first idea of exploring uncharted realms and manning ships, which would be awesome if you could that in there too, because I haven't seen any sailing / ship mods added into this game yet.
And in response IWIronWolf's post, maybe as a pirate you could be a felldew smuggler or something of the sort and smuggle things like that through the dock



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Very nice ideas you have QQuix. I didn't read it word for word, but only skimmed what was there, but here are my initial reactions and thoughts.

Acquiring the island.

While my own mod requires that you be the Champion of Cyrodiil and become the 'owner' of Evanore Island I actually later thought that this was a wrong move on my part, but I was too far along with the dialogue/quest making to change this without a ton of hassle. I would actually recommend that the player is working for someone else (the lord of the island) but eventually as said player helps out around the island more he gains higher prestige with the Lord and eventually (maybe?) the Lord steps down and grants the title to the player.

Getting folks to the island.

Personally, I would handle this by recruiting and hiring methods. Add various NPCs to the settlements (not the towns such as Skingrad, Bravil and IC, but the settlements like Pell's Gate) that the player has to find, talk to, and convince to move to the island either by persuasion or paying them.

Rewarding the player for advancement.

Using my own mod as example (since our mods are similar, yours is just far more sophisticated and complex) my rewards are handled through letting the player see their town grow and prosper, not in money or items. At first, you could use this method, and not give the player money or items as a reward, but as the entire island begins to prosper and evolve, then money could begin to factor in (and once you get to the automated refining of the crops/cattle/metals) then custom made weapons/armor/clothing/potions are then granted to the player throughout various stages of the quests while doing tasks for the respective refiner.

Prosperity and Balance.

Once again, using my mod as an example, my prosperity is handled by the players choices. For example, with my guilds the player actually has to choose the guild leader him/herself. Depending on the leader they choose, the guild will be more/less prosperous with different options available to them. For the fighters guild, if they choose one leader the player can send out 'parties' to scout the island for interesting artifacts and such, but there won't be as many guild members. If they choose a different leader, there will be MORE guild members but the scouting option will be lost.

As for handling the crop growing/harvesting and all that, it can all be handled through a script attatched to a quest. Even if the player can't see the quest updates themselves (though the journal updates) you would need different stages to handle the different aspects of the island (or different quests, which might be easiest). One would handle say the strawberries, the other would handle grapes, a third would handle pumpkins, etc. etc.

This could easily be done using a script similar to my construction script (but of course a bit more complex) and use enable/disables of the objects to show their harvested/not harvested and such like that.

I'll read your post more carefully soon and either update this one or (most likely) make a whole new post with new ideas and such.



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I said that I would not interfere, but I feel uncomfortable not saying anything while you are adding lots of good, promising ideas. It might seem like I didn't care. But I care a lot, and all ideas and suggestions are precious.
But I will not interfere by saying which ones I like better. Mostly because I am not doing this type of assessment. For the time being I like them all and I am not ruling anything out.

And, Khet, since your mod will probably be out before I even start this one, I will make sure the story and events are different from yours so they won't overlap.

In the meanwhile, I am working on the first technical building block: an immersive, realistic farming script

What I am planning to do in the farming area is around these lines:

(The farmable (?) land will be previously divided into lots, but this will not be noticed as the land would be covered by the island’s original vegetation.)

1-Player provides the necessary resources (farmers, tools.etc)
2-Player provides the seeds of [whatever]
3-Trees and bushes are removed from the lot (first time only, of course)
4-Farmers start to work on the land
5-Every few days (?) a new row of [whatever] plant/bush/tree grows in the patch
6-When the lot is filled, the farmers start to harvest
7-Every few days (?) a quantity of [whatever] is added to a container
8-When the lot is completely harvested, the cycle restarts.
The next season, the lot may produce a different item, depending on the seeds the player provides.

I will keep you posted on the progress.



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lol dont these ppl have spells to farm for them? (think it would be good to add in, because picking ingredients everywhere gets awful tedious) - not OT it's also an idea for your mod - new farming spells.

But yeah, I can write... creatively. I'll be standing by when I can help with some written dialogues for this mod. I think it would be nice to have my name in a mod.

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