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CTD when fast travelling or having saved inside Diamond City Market or Goodneighbor

ctd crash to desktop crash crashing diamond city goodneighbor

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Hey y'all! 

I haven't ever posted anything on these because usually I either figure it out or just reinstall everything and hope it fixes the problem, but I don't really want to do that this time and I don't know if that'll even help. So I'm here!

So, like in the title, I get some CTD's. I don't have too many--for once, I'm known for destroying my games with mods--but any time I try to fast travel to Diamond City Market, or if I just save inside of it, I get a CTD. I can't access any of my saves inside of Diamond City Market; if I scroll back to a different save, I can always access my save. I can fast travel to Diamond City just fine, but all of my characters that try to go to Diamond City Market cause a CTD. 

What really set this off was that when I was trying to finish Maccready's personal quest--literally at the last step, giving the cure to Daisy--it will crash. Only if I enter Goodneighbor or if I try to complete the quest through the console. Nothing else--other than the previously mentioned Diamond City crash--will crash my game. 

I really wanna finish Long Road Ahead, but I'll settle for being able to save in Diamond City Market. Any help is appreciated!

I do have a lot of mods, yes, so here's my load order:






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Run loot and download FO4Edit usually finds the problem, convert some of those mods to esl's with creation kit, be careful which ones you do though read and follow the instructions, but I would try loot and FO4Edit first and make sure you understand how they work...You might know all this but hey can't hurt. Cheers ! Solved a lot of problems for me.

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