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Need help regarding deployment and folder location

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Recently I moved my Fallout 4 to my SSD, problem is my SSD is small. With Fallout on it I have 15GB free. My mod deployment folder is about 30GB as of now, and even if I purged the deployment folder to move it I frankly don't want to have to deal with constantly space managing my folder. 
I've tried using directory junctions to trick Vortex into thinking the deployment folder was on the same drive as my game, or that the game was on the same drive as the deployment folder but all it did was make Vortex complain about folder tampering and metadata no longer working if I continue.
Is there absolutely any way to use my deployment folder, which is located on my D: drive, for Fallout on my C: drive?



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Hi there,


This is a limitation of Fallout 4, not of Vortex. The game will not read symbolic links (which would allow you to have your staging folder on a different drive), so we he disabled this option for Fallout 4.


You may wish to try the "Fully Virtual Deployment" extension which will also allow the cross-drive method you're looking for, but it's experimental and not officially supported. 


Hope this helps

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