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Weird bug i cannot explain very well

bugs weird mod sole survivor

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so im in a bit of a bind, yesterday i messed up moving some mods around from NMM and had to delete everything and reinstall NMM. after doing so i opened vortex to check up on my mods and it said i had no mods installed, i started panicking and shortly after i opened NMM and all my mods were still there because i forgot they were stored in the another folder. anyways after getting things reinstalled and sorting my load order i started up fallout 4. now id like to note im not an amateur to modding fallout and skyrim. i read things very carefully but i do get careless sometimes and yesterday was an example of that. anyways i opened up fallout and started a new game, everything is working fine and i get out of the vault and head to sanctuary to find all the roofs are repaired and the sole survivers house in pristine condition. i did have repaired roofs installed before but it wasnt installed this time and i have absolutely no mods repairing the survivors house. i can provide my load order upon request, I do not know how to include it though as I never had to post on the forums before. any help would be appreciated. 



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Using two different mod managers can cause some truly interesting issues.... Pic one, get rid of the other.


Uninstalling the game only removes the game files, and doesn't even get all of them...... It does NOT remove ANY mod files, anything in your My Games\Fallout 4 folder, or anything in the C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\fallout 4.... where the file that tells the game what mods it should load resides. And then we have the whole "mods aren't really in the data folder" schtick the mod managers use. They don't install anything to the data folder, they just create symbolic links, so it *appears* the mods are in there, but, in reality, they aren't. I am unsure if uninstalling the game actually removes those links. So, it's entirely possible that uninstalling/reinstalling the game, without telling your manager to nuke all the mods first, doesn't remove those. So, so far as the game is concerned, all those mods are still there.


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