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Orcsish Weapons

replacer orc orcish weapons shield

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Okay so this has been bothering me for some time now. Orcs are the definition of the Knight class for Skyrim. They accel in all aspects of the Warrior tree except Enchanting, The lore leads us to believe that Orc blacksmiths are some of the best anywhere, but while their armor is pretty good looking (if you look like a monster and your intent is to scare the s*** out of your enemies), but their weapons aren't pretty. I mean surely a culture that has designed armor that mixes segmented plates with riveted sections and use of leather padded joints (quite advanced compared to nords wearing plate iron with furs for padding) could come up with SOME BETTER LOOKING WEAPONS. 


I see no logic behind orcs weilding swords and greatswords that are (crudely) in the style of Chinese Dao when that sword type does not complement their heritage. If nothing else, a Dao shaped sword should be elvish, and Orcish swords should follow a heavier Falchion typeology. 


So if someone was willing to make replacers, I have provided the art.


Obviously the image is super low res, but i think you get my drift. Literally EVERY other type of weapon in this game has a decent looking replacer but orcish is neglected.


Also the Orcish Shield is pretty Dumb. a bashing shield for a knight would probably want to have forward spikes, not that weird useless vertical spike.

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