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Epilogue isn't triggered!!

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Here's the thing, after I defeat Aldruin [the first time of my life after playing Skyrim for year.] I talk to Tsun, he send me back to the throat of the world, Paarthurnax talks to me [ordinary conversation ''Speak, I will listen'' ] and nothing else!! I see
Ohdaviing sitting on the rock but I can't speak to him [silent Ohdaviing].

I've searched for the solution, here's the only clue I have....

''After you defeat Alduin, and are sent back to Skyrim, there may only be Odahviing and Paarthurnax waiting there. Paarthurnax has no new dialogue, and you cannot engage conversation with Odahviing. This is caused when Delphine, Esbern or Arngeir are unable to accept the scripted updates to their dialogue options for any reason. The epilogue scene runs under a separate ID, MQ306, and the first stage sets up everyone's dialogue. If any one or more of the characters are not able to accept the scripted updates for any reason, the script crashes and the scene defaults to a no-dialogue Odahviing and waiting Paarthurnax.''

it's good to hear that, but what bad is there's no solution for the problem!! I've tried loading up my old save before engaging the fight with Aldruin, but everything's still the same, no ending scene for me! anyone who knows how to fix this problem, please help-__-

PS.it's not a big deal at all if I can use Call dragon shout.... yes I can't!! after the call Ohdaviing did appear but he was not helping me at all, he kept returning to the throat of the world and sit on the same old rock!!




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Same thing here, for two playthroughs now. I'm going to try to edit the papyrus scripts and see if I can change some conditions for the epilogue to start. :P



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I have found the fix with the OP's information.


-> sqs MQ306  

This shows all of the stages in this epilogue quest.


-> setstage MQ306 5

This initializes the quest.


The quest may or may not start normally still, especially at the first few stages. Try to talk to Parthurnax if he hasn't talked to you yet. If no new dialogue is shown, stop the conversation and type in the next stage of MQ306. Try to type commands as little as possible, try to complete the quest naturally when you can. Parthurnax will fly off from his resting place after a bit into the quest. Wait like 10 seconds. Odahviing will now land and talk to you.


Eventually you will end up with all the dragons having flown away, gone. Now you can find Argneir and speak to him. He should now have new dialogue. After that,


-> sqs MQ306 

Now you can see the remaining quest stages. Manually complete all of them now, starting with the earlier quest stages and ending with stage 100.


At this point, everything should be fixed.

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