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new modder

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Hello, modders!


My name is Elizabeth, I'm aspiring to one day be a modder and looking for some good pointers from the fellow Nexus community. I'm not exactly new to Nexus, as I've been using this site for around 3 years, losing interest in the Vanilla Bethesda games after playing Skyrim since about a year and a half after launch.


In the interest of familiarity and getting to no one another, I am also including a picture of myself attached to this email. I am forty-five years old, and a career minded man at this stage in my life. I am amicably divorced, and have two sons. I will have little time for leisure while in town, but do appreciate a friendly home to make my stay. I hope you consider my offer, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Look forward to hearing from you.


As I read his reply, I felt a tad daft for not including a note about our internet availability, realizing that any business person would obviously care about the status of the connectivity. His message was somewhat abrupt, but also clear and concise, which I appreciated. I scrolled down, and took note of his picture, something that no one else had thought to include.



He was dressed professionally, and seemed well built for a middle aged man, certainly in better shape than myself.

"I thought that was you for a second." I heard my wife's voice from over my shoulder.

"Huh?" I replied, not getting her meaning.

"Whoever that is on the monitor. He looks like an older version of you, maybe a little bigger. He's attractive."

Samantha blushed as she said it, not usually in the habit of admitting attraction to other men. I think she felt like she had a free pass, because she had led with the idea that he looked like myself. It was a comparison that I certainly didn't notice, or necessarily even agree with. I did however, notice the wine glass in her hand, and chuckled, despite the strange embarrassment that ran through my body. "You're a lush, baby." I teased.

I could see that she felt guilty about the remark, and tried to massage the comment by adding, "Who is that anyway?"

"Well up until you said that he was hot, he was probably going to be the lodger." I chided, jokingly.

She blushed, covering her mouth with her hand, "I'm sorry."

"I'm just kidding. He's actually willing to pay us additional if we confirm quickly. He needs to get down to start a project." I replied.

"I thought you said we'd take our time with this decision. Just because I said he was cute doesn't mean he's not a serial killer." My wife replied, ever worried.

"I'll send him a response, and ask that we talk on the phone tomorrow." I acknowledged.

Sammie seemed to consider it for a moment, looking up at his picture once again, before replying, "Okay. I'm going to get ready for bed." She rubbed my shoulder as she left the room.




Thanks for your interest, and I appreciate the thorough response. I can confirm all three as correct (I too, loathe a low pressure shower). I'd like to speak on the phone tomorrow, whenever you might be available. Included is my phone number, and a picture of my wife and I (to echo your desire for familiarity). Look forward to speaking soon.

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Whch game(s) do you plan to mod?



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Check out the link in my sig for assorted classes on modding beth games. We have various tutorials to get your started, and familiarize yourself with how things work. :D

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