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  1. Freaking awesome nice find i gave you Kudos as it all i can do to thank you :D
  2. O dang thanks for replying.Think i use Dredwolf new mod


    looks pretty cool

  3. what weapon mod are you using in these screenshots http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38527#fileanchor

    thanks for any reply

  4. Thanks for replying i dont think my controllers broken works great on xbox 360 and when i use Xpadder it works.Lol o well i hate using mouse so i jute use xappader and deal with menus being a little harder to go threw since i can shoot ppl now lol
  5. Is there any way to fix the very hard Iron sight aim it's so freaking hard to aim in this game i know it many meant for vats.The problems is when trying to snip i push the control stick up and the scope doesn't even move i push a little more and it shots up it's like trying to aim in a grind even with just a hunting rifle iron sights it's like a grid Ive try messing with the sensitivity but, that didn't help . thanks for any replies I'm using a 360 controller if that matters.
  6. I used search and didn't find anything with bighorn in it so i don't think I'm posting something that has been already posted.If so sorry ill delete topic. 1.Bighorn Pack mule that's essentials 2.Rid-able bighorns like an elephant :D preferably a bull one that's essential as well 3.Player owned Bighorn ranch that has re-spawn able bighorns.
  7. Thank you for reply i found that the mod had to be re uploaded and is now fix. lol but i messed my game by messing with the fallout int and default some how XD i fix by reinstalling so :D thanks again for quick response
  8. I did the Archive Invalidation but,the textures were still funky for the Kerberos Panzer Police mod than i change the the fallout NV default int and now everybody is purple in game as well as the armor i had on having a messed up texture and the modded armor still doesn't work any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Same for me :wallbash: although i didn't know my head was exploding all that happens is it freezes and i have to crtl alt delete to close the game.Makes wonder if it even worth going on who know where else your head could explode randomly on a quest lol.Good thing Im a paranoid saver on any game i play
  10. Good to see you about again.
  11. Fair play! And for excellent taste in music.
  12. No Spyder Piantball gun?
  13. it was CLS oldfriends with TDA armory weapons idk y though its an odd conflict that or just enchating them causes problems
  14. i think its a mod conflict cause, i stop running the mod but everything it added was still in inventor.but didnt freeze so i guess ill have to start new game so if admin need they can close or delete this topic.
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