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  1. Thanks for considering supporting Nexus Mods. I cannot speak for every variation of prepaid card so I'm sorry I cannot answer your question specifically. However, if it doesn't work directly, try using the PayPal payment option at the checkout screen instead and seeing if that works. If it doesn't work via PayPal either then I'm going to guess it's something to do with security on the card rather than something on our end. I'm sorry I cannot be more help.
  2. Confirmed, this does not seem to be working. The devs are off for the day now but hopefully they'll have a fix for it tomorrow. Thanks for your report.
  3. Confirmed, this does not seem to be working. The devs are off for the day now but hopefully they'll have a fix for it tomorrow. Thanks for your report.
  4. Confirmed, thanks for the report. I imagine this won't get fixed until tomorrow when the staff are back in the office.
  5. We removed the easy way to add broken game support into Vortex for the masses.
  6. https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14733 Read the bottom two paragraphs. It's still relevant today. Outside of the fact we don't want to host mods that actively work to undermine groups (of all types), even more so for us, it's about not wanting to moderate hundreds of purely evil, hate-filled mods, comments and posts from neo-nazis, far-righters and generally deranged people. We were regularly having to deal with individuals sharing how they want to murder their chosen hated group, how they would actually do said murder, why said murder would be justified, and so on and so forth. That was probably the worst stuff, but the problem was, it wasn't and still isn't rare. The absolute state of some of these people. Nor do we want to provide a platform for those who wanted to encourage and empower such individuals. It's far easier for us to say "fuck off" to these people than it is to do the impossible - to provide a place where people can share "whatever they want" (i.e. including mods that deliberately target groups they don't like) without the site turning into an absolute hole of a community filled with the dregs of society that pushes away anyone not crazy enough to be onboard with such ideals. I, as the owner of this site, really couldn't care much less how others think I should be moderating my own site. All I know is, when I wake up on Sunday morning, I don't want to be dealing with another cesspit of shite caused by pure hatred posted to my own website. As per the news post linked above, I've removed the other comments and locked this thread. When we say we really don't want to argue it, we mean it. I tend to leave one of these up every now and again to remind people we mean it.
  7. You're not showing as Premium here - are you sure you don't have more than one account and you're on the wrong, non-Premium account? You will need to email [email protected] with as much information as possible (ideally your payment receipt, or the email address you used when paying, or the date you paid) and they can try to help you.
  8. I still see your mod in the hot files: Are you blocking any tags? Is it possible you're blocking a tag that your own mod has, and that's why you're not seeing it?
  9. Our statement on what we do and don't want to host in regards to inclusivity and diversity can be found here: https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14733 I recommend taking particular note of the last two paragraphs. I'll lock this now as it will simply be a circular tit-for-tat that has happened countless times already.
  10. Hello, If you are getting a redirect ad you need to provide the information I requested earlier in the thread, link below, else I will not be able to sort it.
  11. Hi there, Thanks for letting us know. If you'd told us sooner we could have helped to rectify it sooner, but later is better than never! Before we take this to the ad agency to resolve, please can you answer these questions? Thanks. The date and time you saw this ad. The URL of the page you were on at the time, e.g. http://www.nexusmods.com/games/? Your general location - e.g. I live in Exeter, in Devon, in England. If you don't want to give the city you live in, then your state and country will suffice, e.g. Devon, England.
  12. I believe the fix right now is to logout of your account and log back in again as this is a login cookie issue. Hence why using a different browser was working as you wouldn't have the login cookie on that browser. The team are looking at a fix for the issue as we speak, but in the meantime, clearing your cookies for next.nexusmods.com or fully logging out and back in again should resolve the issue.
  13. Hi there, I believe if you already started to download a Collection before you bought Premium and then you purchase Premium halfway through the process it will continue to download them one at a time. You need to cancel the process and restart the process from the Collection page for it to use the Premium workflow. It will then be "one-click". I apologise for the inconvenience. RE: download speeds, Vortex will use whatever your site preferences are set to. You can update your download location on your Site Preferences page under "Premium membership preferences".
  14. All I can tell you is that PayPal are instantly denying your payment at their end and that, unfortunately, it is out of our control to resolve.
  15. Your payment is being automatically and instantly refunded by PayPal as soon as we payout. The error given by PayPal is "Denied - The recipient is unable to accept the payment". Are you in a country that cannot accept payments from other countries at this time on PayPal? For example, PayPal has pulled out of Russia due to the Ukraine war and will not work in Russia.
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