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  1. I like the idea, a bare bone frostfall is what I may want all long instead of ff. The other stuff is pretty nice too! But really? We have to pay for that? No that not a good idea at all beth. IF you want to charge us mods, they have to be huge well made gear/magic packs or dlcs sized stuff. Not this s#*!.
  2. I thought this project would mean helping modders with large dlc sized mods, gear packs, weapons pack and more complex gameplay mods. I hope this a s#*! example, I will happily pay for a big well made mod np. This? Never. WTf beth.
  3. It can right be stable yes, but it very up to your mods. You can have the mod limit but they are small tweaks, or have only 10 and they are huge, buggy overhauls that makes your game crash. Also frauds? Oldrim is not stable and everyone knows, why you think there is many guides, post and mods about fixing skyrim? It all a dream?
  4. Have you tired the mod holds? There is also a lot of mods that adds more npcs. >My computer is going to waste with this dinky 2011 console crap. Play ark then lol.
  5. SSE is not unplayable, while there is not much mods. I only having a blast. For you SKSE based mods, I say lower your mod list, remove enb, lower your grass and play on a limited mod order to play said mod.
  6. Will, one can always ask them, who knows? They like modding and the modders as one can easily see.
  7. I want to do more passive, npcs like RPs and builds and I was wondering if anyone knows quest mods that one can play without any need for fighting whatsoever? Quests that are mainly story or exploring I mean.
  8. I dont think this is the only problem, there is still the modders will to port mods also. And idk about making something like SKSE buyable. The point is being free for everyone to use.
  9. Wait for sales and oldrim then is very cheap. Each dlc is like 5 bucks. SSE runs better (machines may vary. but most gained fps and less loading times.) The only clear difference is the modding pool. SSE still has a very nice mod pool with more to come. I think it better for those who did not play skyrim to get SSE since it cheaper, runs better, has come cool add ons and pretty much all of the mods are up to date.
  10. They said they want to make new games, best of luck to them. I would really love a new beth ip.
  11. Maybe the modders of said club will make SKSE patches if needed for free on the nexus, steam and other mod sites if they wishes. Nothing says why not.
  12. Long answer, how do you mod your game? If you want that heavily scripted gameplay run, normal skyrim is better thanks to the mcm and some bigger mods. You want the most immersion and real like mod list, old skyrim is better from what I have seen. If you say, want just a simple few mods and/or simply a prettier game that runs better, new skyrim is better for you. Personally I have both for different mod setups, but let me tell you, my old skyrim doesn't have as much textures mod as newer skyrim. Just mostly gameplay stuff and core texture packs like full hd and that it.
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