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  1. have you correctly installed F4SE and launch your game through it ?
  2. Nice! Seems like a good system and fair to use.
  3. I really like the color change between each of the game sites in the old design, the new color scheme does not look as good to me, way too much light gray (I guess it will be replaced with the site color). The new design also needs stronger contrasts, to me it looks blurry and the different sections are not separated well enough. Also you have to scroll way too far down to see the site news. A superb feature of the old design is that when you hover over one of the hot files it focuses on that mod in the big picture, which is now completely lacking in the new design. Also we are unable to see the mod description of the trending mods right now, again much better in the old design. Another point in the new trending section is that the mod's name is on top of the mod's image, which makes the mod image seem cluttered and takes away from the image itself. The more mods section of the new design is better than the trending mods section imo, it looks cleaner and is more informative. For layout on bigger screens: Why not have the trending mods in the middle and one column each on the side for latest media (left) and latest mods (right)? The news section could then come directly below the trending mods.
  4. There already is a mod that allows the clothing effects to still function while in power armor: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/6977/?
  5. Pretty sure this would be something where we have to wait for a F4SE function. If at some point we get a way to modify the fusion core charge, you could do it at least for the gatling laser. Normal weapons would need another function.
  6. Donations are the way to go for modding. This experiment was helpful because now the industry knows for sure how modders respond to that kind of approach.
  7. Well, I think mods like falskaar deserve to have the possibility to make big bucks. There are multiple mods on the Nexus that took simlar or even more effort to make than some game DLCs. In the end it is all about pricing, I gladly supported some authors through the donation system here on the Nexus and would buy a fully fledged content mod. After all this is going to be demand driven, if someone makes a mod and tries to sell it while you are thinking "man, I can make this mod in under 2 hours" that mod is probably not going to be sold very often when free alternatives exist. For big projects I think this is positive, because it will add an incentive to make a big project a quality piece and continue it further. For small mods this will be kind of irrelevant unless you really push hard on the marketing side of things.
  8. In response to post #11180711. #11180887, #11181212 are all replies on the same post. Are you guys using an outdated NMM version?
  9. In response to post #11216792. I think a long time ago it was mentioned that they are not able to filter advertisements out, therefore are also not able to disable the sound-having ones.
  10. Really nice, I appreciate the information!
  11. In response to post #10407319. +1 it should not reload the tab content when I switch between description and comments and back.
  12. I like the comment delete feature, I used it to clean some comments from my mods (FO3, FNV) that were directed at a different mod (completely unrelated to anything) and some comments where users found their errors themselves - that way the comment section keeps being informative. I am not sure about the "ban user from file page" feature, at most it should be a "ban user from comment section", they should still be able to download your stuff no matter what. +1 to that The "ban user from pm-ing you" is a good feature, but I will probably never need to use it.
  13. In response to post #8469038. #8469792, #8470339, #8472433 are all replies on the same post. I am also using Microsoft Security Essentials alongside with Spybot Search and Destroy, very handy tool, that immunizes your browsers by blocking common virus/malware/etc.-websites.
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