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  1. When you copy the mesh in NifSkope, select Bip01 L Fore Twist and then Paste Block.
  2. It's in the BSA meshes file under PipBoy3000\PipBoyArm.NIF for the player version and PipBoy3000\PipBoyArmNPC.NIF for the NPC version.
  3. If you can't rig your creature to any of the existing skeletons, what you basically want to do is create a new skeleton and rig your creature to it. If you are using Blender, the tutorials in Blender Noob to Pro do a fairly decent job of explaining how to create the armature/skeleton and how to rig your mesh to it. If you're not using Blender, I can't help you. The next thing you want to do is create your new animations. If you are using an existing skeleton like the Protectron, you can import its skeleton and one of its animation kf files and start with that. The Blender nif tools have an annoying habit of rotating the animation by 90 degrees, so the first thing you want to do is fix that. Then you can modify the animation to do what you want it to. You don't need to start with an existing kf file though. You can create all new animations. Technically you can do it with just a skeleton (which I have done), but it takes a little imagination to figure out what the mesh is going to look like. It's easier to import both your mesh and the skeleton it is rigged to and animate with that. There are a lot of hidden gotchas, and it's been a while since I've created any animations so I guarantee you I'm not going to remember them all. If you want to import an existing animation, you have to select Import Animation and you also need to enter a file name for the kf file that you want under Keyframe File. I think it's Scene Root that you need to rotate by 90 degrees but I might be wrong about that. It's one node that will rotate the entire skeleton/mesh. Whether you imported and modified an existing animation or created a new animation, you want to export just the animation as a kf file. One of the gotchas that I remember is that Blender's default tags for looping don't match what Fallout and the GECK expect. The GECK also seems to load some hidden information that you can't edit, because if you do screw something up like the loop tags, if you fix it in the animation it still won't work right. You need to change the animation name and add the animation again in the GECK. What I always do is create the animation with a name like Animation1.kf, then Animation2.kf, Animation3.kf etc. as I edit the animations and get them working right in-game. When I'm done, the final name I use is just Animation.kf. I used to have a link to creating animations but I can't find the link and google isn't any help. One thing to keep in mind is that Fallout 3 uses essentially the same game engine so any FO3 tutorials work fine for FNV, and Oblivion's game engine is slightly different but tutorials for Oblivion are usually close enough that you can figure out how to do it for FNV. As far as I am aware, Blender 2.49b and its nif tools are the only ones that work properly for animations (well, properly except for the annoying 90 degree rotation). I've seen a lot of folks post problems about trying to do it with newer versions, but I've never seen anyone post information about how to actually get it working correctly with the newer versions.
  4. I don't know why some people don't understand this, but it doesn't matter if it's official or not. Copyright is copyright.
  5. Generating lip files isn't difficult, but you do need a file from either the Skyrim or Oblivion CK. The file is named "FonixData.cdf" and you need it in data\sound\voice\processing and if you don't have Skyrim or Oblivion you can get the file here: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/61248 Your voice files need to be in .wav format. If you want to save some disk space you can convert the wav files to ogg and remove the wav files after the lip files have been generated. Generally this isn't so much of an issue these days since much larger disk drives are common now. Of course you still have the issue of where to get the voice files in the first place. That's a show stopper for a lot of people. If you are a popular modder then you can probably convince some folks to donate their time for voice acting for free. If you're not so popular, you can chop up bits of existing dialog with audacity to create a lot of things, though you are going to be limited to what words and phrases are actually said in existing dialog. You can also find some voice files at sites like Freesound.org.
  6. I have often said that the GECK is really a secret Vault-Tec experiment designed to test modder's frustration levels. Glad you got it working.
  7. Find the setting for bAllowMultipleMasterLoads in your GECKCustom.ini file and set it to 1. In other words, it should look like this: bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 Your GECK should then be able to load the DLCs.
  8. I personally have created quite a few worldspaces, and if I were making a new location I would probably put it in one of those. But I wouldn't be so quick to recommend that approach to someone else, especially someone with limited modding experience. Worldspaces gets you into the buggiest part of the GECK. For example, the obvious way to start this is to create your new worldspace and then go into the heightmap editor and create a heightmap for it. Congratulations, you just cashed the GECK. Why? Who knows. It's Bethesda. What you actually have to do is create the worldspace, save your mod, exit and restart the GECK, and then go into the heightmap editor. And what happens if you just accept the default heightmap that the GECK gives you? It crashes the GECK. I personally create a basically flat heightmap by setting the randomness to almost flat but give it an offset of about 14,000 or so. That gets it up high enough that it won't crash the GECK and also high enough that generating LOD later won't give you floating trees. Once I have the basically flat heightmap, I edit that and add mountains and rivers and such and do normal height-mappy things. And you have to be gentle. If you are too aggressive with your heightmap editing, you can end up with landscape tears. If the GECK gives you an error about part of the heightmap being out of bounds, the GECK will ask you if you want to fix it. The GECK is lying to you. It can't fix it. At this point, the best thing to do is scrap your heightmap editing and start over. And if you really want to have some fun, try to use the auto-navmesh generator under Regions. I actually got it to work once. And only once. The other dozen times I tried it I ended up locking up the GECK with a pop-up that re-appears over and over no matter how many times you close it that says simply "Get Jean" as the error. And of course, beware the 16 MB limit for esp files, which is extremely easy to exceed if you are creating a new worldspace. It also completely bricks your mod. There is no way to fix it (that I know of) short of reverting to an earlier saved copy of your mod. If you want to make worldspaces with any real substance in them, you need to use the GECK's version control and put the GECK into network developer mode. Oh, and while you are at it, good luck finding documentation on how to properly create worldspaces. I've never found any. There are lots of bits and pieces out there, but nothing that really puts it all together and warns you of all of the possible ways you can screw yourself over. In my opinion, worldspace creation is proof that the GECK is really a secret Vault-Tec experiment designed to test modder's frustration levels. But hey, if you want to do something that is only slightly more painful than pounding nails into your own skull, go for it. Try out worldspace editing.
  9. Changing the cell name will conflict with any other mods that edit the same cell. But then placing objects in that cell will also conflict with other mods that use that cell. Try to find an empty cell that no one else would want to use. (02,07) should be pretty safe to mess with. If you are making an actual building that can be built there (you said walls), you might see some weird things at a distance since the walls aren't constantly there and won't have any LOD. If possible, try to place your building behind some rocks so that it shouldn't be visible in the distance, then it's no biggie.
  10. Personally I recommend biting the bullet and learning Blender sooner rather than later. Being able to create your own assets will dramatically increase what you can do with your own mods. Blender Noob to Pro is a good online resource. If you want things to actually work, get the complete Blender 2.49b package from the Obivion Nexus. It has everything you need with all of the correct versions of tools to make everything work together. It's an older version of Blender but mostly everything works in it. Newer versions of the nif tools have a lot of issues. I can probably help with some of your assets, but I am most definitely not a professional modeler or artist. I can make candles easily enough, but I don't think I have the artistic skills required to animate a realistic looking flame. Altars and pedestals are easy enough. Clutter depends on the object but I can probably do some of those. Send me a DM with more details about what you are looking for.
  11. I'm not sure what you are looking for. Does this help?
  12. That was hyperbole, not a demand. I don't seriously expect someone to lose their job because some idiot like me complained on their message board. And for what it's worth, I did post basically the same thing in a slightly more polite manner on the feedback section, where it was promptly ignored. That said, they did at least link this section to the FNV mod page, which is a HUGE improvement. If they link the rest of the sections to the FNV mod page (or to here) somehow in the next few days then I'll owe them an apology.
  13. I don't understand why this exists either. On the old site, you clicked on Community Forums and it took you to a page that had everything all in one place. For reasons that I can't figure out, on this new site they decided to splatter the forums all over the place. Not only is everything scattered, but there is no direct link to any of it. You have to go searching to find all of it. For older games like FNV that don't get a lot of forum traffic, splattering everything all over the place so that no one can find anything is most likely going to completely kill all of the discussions. I can't believe that someone actually thought this was a good idea. These are the bookmarks that I set up on my browser. https://forums.nexusmods.com/forum/345-fallout-new-vegas/ https://forums.nexusmods.com/forum/347-general-new-vegas-discussion/ https://forums.nexusmods.com/forum/351-files/ https://forums.nexusmods.com/forum/8902-discussion/ Four links for what used to be one click, and you can't get directly to any of it from the FNV mod page. Whoever thought this was a good idea needs to be fired. This is idiotic.
  14. Multibounds are used by the game engine to cut down the amount of processing that it has to do to figure out what it needs to render on the screen. The GECK should still show everything in the cell regardless of the multibounds (because otherwise how are you going to be able to edit the cell?) but that's just yet another GECK bug. I assume that they added multibounds processing later and never bothered to update the GECK's rendering window to ignore it. Most people turn it on when they are trying to edit certain cells that either won't render properly or will crash the GECK with it turned off. Most cells will work fine with it on or off, but then there are some cells that you can only edit with it on and other cells that you can only edit with it off. Isn't the GECK fun? I've always said that the GECK is really a secret Vault-Tec experiment designed to test modder's frustration levels.
  15. My feedback: The overall look is improved, and the site feels more modern and less clunky. Organization-wise though, this thing is a horrible mess. I'm a big Fallout New Vegas fan. It used to be that all I had to do was click on the link from the FNV page and it would take me directly to the FNV forums. All of the forums where right there, easy to navigate to, and you could quickly tell what was new. The new system takes you to a general forum link. You have to navigate to whatever game you are interested in, with a lot of scrolling (some letters more than others). And then the FNV section is split into two different sections. It's no longer all in one place. And I just found a group from the main forum page that has even more of the content. So instead of it all being in one place, it's now splattered all over the site. The old site was clunky and old, but it was MUCH more organized. This is a mess. I had to bookmark everything I am interested in because there is no way I am navigating through all of that every time I visit this site. Four bookmarks to navigate through something that used to be one click. This is supposed to be better?
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