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  1. I'd like to make a suggestion that if you start doing these sort of weekly things to appear in the news scroller, have some way of highlighting when there is ACTUAL news that needs to be viewed. Your banner with the red "Site news" is a good start but I would make it more prominent, especially if similar banners will be highlighting the other features. I'd put it on a different side, or center it or something. Less aesthetic, more eye catching and gives importance to it. I know I for one will stop looking at the news channel unless something bold catches my eye if every time I go there casually it's an interview I don't care about or something like that. As far as the features themselves, I would say stay away from the huge guys. Maybe once in a while, but honestly, when you feature a mod author who already has mods in the top 100, all you're doing its featuring mods that are already as prominent as they can be. There's mods around that have less then 1000 endorsements that are just as high quality and no one knows about them. Three authors of the top of my head from three different modding areas I would love to see an interview with: Lind001 (texture artist), Ruhadre (patch creator), flexcreator (plugin maker, has a few popular mods but most of his mods are much less known and rarely mentioned). This post mostly seemed to be talking specifically about these interviews etc, so thats what I went for as far as feedback. If you also want feedback on actual site mechanics, that was confusing and unclear.
  2. In response to post #43145360. You have no idea how many times per day we still have that question asked over on steam or people mentioning thats why they havent joined the Nexus. I would put this up as singularly the biggest misconception about the Nexus amoung new mod users
  3. In response to post #42025090. Second accounts not being allowed is listed clearly in the ToS, something which you agree to when you sign up.
  4. Thank you very much for the update Robin. While I fully understand the desire to keep this sort of background stuff in the background, its been such a problem that its good to see progress being made on it and its nice to have this sort of update from you. Hopefully the new provider will be more reliable, not only for our own sake but for yours as well as I know there's other stuff you'd rather be working on, and we would probably rather you work on too :)
  5. I think my favorite one was the guy who came over to grab on the steam community hub about how he got banned but made a second account and then brought premium for it because 'even if they found me, they won't ban me because I gave them money'. Within two days he was banned and coming back to steam to complain at us and all the steam users did was quote the nexus ToS at him and point out exactly how he messed up. Not sure if he ever tried again, but we certainly found it amusing and thanked him for supporting the nexus in the mean time.
  6. Forum is now working fine for me and no longer displaying as plan text, and has the proper green padlock in front of it Thanks to all the nexus staff
  7. In response to post #37050885. #37050930 is also a reply to the same post. I had this as well, but if you go to your inbox via a link it works fine
  8. In response to post #37050195. People are always installing mods, theres no time where someone ISNT downloading something from the nexus, so theres no time they could purposefully schedule for this. Sorry you were affected personally, but its not like they did it maliciously
  9. All forum pages are suddenly showing up as plain text for me with images, but none of the style or any other formatting. Using firefox without any addons enabled for the nexus.
  10. As you apparently feel the need to repeat these subjective view points on situations in every place, I feel I am within my rights to defend myself in those places as well. A quote from my previous post on the matter: I asked you to stop posting inflammatory language on a situation without any context or objectivity in an attempt to incite people against something you personally didn't agree with on a single community. It was nothing to do with mod picker, it was nothing to do with users as whole, only my personal request that you either be as objective as you claim you were in all discussions and show people the respect of replying to them about a situation you raise, or don't post at all so that our community can remain the equal and respectful place that we worked hard to make it. Please don't go around and blame me on other communities for your personal decisions in response to that. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/4ggmju/the_only_way_to_opt_out_from_mod_picker/d2hlmh0
  11. Immediately after I brought my premium membership, I noticed that the tracking center was only showing ten files per page, instead of the probably near thirty it was before, which means my files are now on several pages instead of one which made it easy to check. Is this indented behavior or a weird bug, as it actually makes the tracked files section more inconvenient unfortunately.
  12. Except that no one knows if the permissions about modifications apply to this as well. Half the mod authors believe if you create a patch that's dependent on another mod without that mod authors permissions then its ban worthy, the other half believe, as you seem to have suggested here, that its fine because you need the original mod anyway and its just an esp patch. No one has a cohesive understanding of exactly when permissions apply, what the exceptions are, and where esp's sit as far as 'asset' usage.
  13. If the reason you want permission is for a major bug fix or something, you can try asking the staff directly if you can have an 'exemption' of sorts, where you provide credit and agree to remove the mod if the author ever returns and asks you to, no questions asked. There is precedent for this in a number of spots where mod authors have been banned or moved on but people were allowed you host fixed for their files etc under these conditions if the cause is major (Look at Sharlikans patches)
  14. I maintain a mod on behalf of another mod author whos too busy, but he handles all the permissions etc. Recently no one could get in touch with him because his inbox was full but he was unaware. Is there a way where you can get notified when your inbox is full other then actually having to go and manually check it? If not, I would appreciate if a system could be added that when the inbox is full an automatic email is sent out to your registered email to notify you. Thanks :)
  15. I have to admit, I'm really not a fan of the tundra shrubs, I would prefer something thats a bit closer to vanilla as the current SFO one is a bit in your face
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