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  1. Hi, I'm pretty far into the game (Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old world blues completed and a lot of FNV original sidequests finished) and i was asking myself if it was possible to delete a part or all, the Quest history and/or the notes history from the pipboy, maybe via console?? I know though that this could affects the Steam Achievements... But i just wanted to know. Each time i'm trying to go check in my World Map or Quest tab, it stutters, maybe for 0.5 to 1.5 seconds. I got a good computer though, it's just that i got so much guest/notes history that it takes a small sec to load each time, it gets on my nerves. -T4K
  2. Hehe, I've been looking for a fix for days. There's even similar posts on the Bethesda Forums, but nobody knows what is happening. Guess we'll have to wait for Obsidian? Maybe? Hopefully not, I don't wanna wait that long for a fix... Install an Automatic saver, which makes backup saves every 20 seconds. That's all i got. If you haven't yet, you can try to use NV configator, Master updating with FNVedit, make sure your drivers are up to date, Merged patches with FNVedit, that kind of stuff, that's all i got, sorry.
  3. There's absolutely no way of not getting a single crash within 5 to 30 minutes. I've reinstalled my game, restarted a new game, exit Doc Mitchell House, enter Goodsprings saloon and...it crashed at loading. No mods, nothing, fresh. I'm exausted, I've been working on this, trying to get a fix for to much time already. I hope Obsidian will do something about it, hopefully "soon". I found 2 thread on the Bethesda Forums, looks pretty the same and they just got out recently. Oh and I fixed my 4gb Enabler, that was because my V-Sync wasn't enabled. http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1213413-crashfest-since-latest-patch/ http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1212179-constant-crashing-to-windows-owb/
  4. There's a updated version of the Community Patch on Raven Modding only, it have 1.4 compatibility & for all DLCs, even for Old World Blues. If you want to take a look, Right here
  5. @ RetroNutcase Please post again if this is/isn't working or at least less Freezing and crashes. I got the same problem too, I want to try every possibilities to solve this problem.
  6. That's what i'm doing. Just 30 minutes ago, my game crashed on a loading screen again after only 10 minutes of gameplay, so it can be REALLY random, and really annoying. It's definitely not a mod conflict, cause i tried vanilla, and it crashed too. So i'm gonna try to do a clean install, with very low expectations, it might works. But i'd say that this is because of the 1.4 patch. So if that doesn't work, I'll wait for the next Obsidian patch, and my Old world blues 1st gameplay will have to wait too. For the 4gb enabler, I'll reinstall FNV and I'll be more cautious on installing my mods/change configator settings. I might take a look at the Bethesda Softworks Forums, if there's any possible fixes, I'll try to put them here.
  7. Well, looks like the Enhanced Shaders D3D9.dll wasn't the cause, I always have the strange lip syncing problem. Anymore suggestions?
  8. Question, It is possible to run 4gb Enabler NVSE and Fallout Windowed Fix at the same time?
  9. Nope, I don't have the D3D9.dll Fix anymore, since Obsidian did their first patch for Nvidia/ATI Cards I believe... Uhmmm, I just saw that I do have a D3D9.dll file, but this one, is for my Enhanced Shaders, I didn't think that could've been the cause of that. Anyways, I'll go to bed and I'll try all this tomorrow without my Enhanced Shaders, That's too bad, I would have love to keep this mod, but heh...
  10. @ maboru Well After doing my Master Update, it seems that it doesn't crash anymore, or at least, don't crash every 20 min, I played approximately 2 hours, and no crash at all. I haven't tested the DLCs yet, and I can't find any fix for my 4gb RAM Enabler, but at least, I don't have repetitive crashes. Kudos to you.
  11. This has been already been done. And FNV 4gb Enabler doesn't work more even with the shortcut, it's a shame, it used to work properly, i don't even know what happened :sad: Master Updating with FNVedit? Uhm, no, I don't even know how to do it, If i remember, there was a FNVedit Manual isn't it? or mini-tutorial anyone? * I found it in the FNVedit Training Manual, I'm trying it right now. * if it meant about a Merged Patch, i do it every time, except in this load order, i deleted before posting it, which i don't know why i did this, but anyway.
  12. Even with no companions, there's crashes, I'm much of a loner, so companions aren't really my style. Well, I'll try to reduce the number of my mods then, see if there's any difference. Since I'm at it I'll uncheck my IWR mod, I just saw in one Nexus post, it can cause crashes. But thanks for the info. But please, more suggestions are always welcome!
  13. Hi, It's been a good time now that I'm into modding, I gained experience with load orders, installing mods, management, merging, using FNVedit, making FOMODS for myself, doing my GECK own fixes, cleaning my files, anyway, that sort of stuff. But since the Patch 1.4, I'm trying to solve a crashing problem, I can't find it and it's becoming really annoying. So, to explain, After 5 to 30 min of gameplay, I crash, random, but always at the loading screen (traveling or simply changing cells). It was tested on a clean Steam Install, and on a Clean save (Restarted from the beginning). I do use NV Configator, I don't use Stutter Remover 4-1-28 (which is outdated), And I don't use 4gb Enabler NVSE, which cause rapid talking NPCs to my game, even with the updated version on the NVSE Page. I do use NVSE v2 BETA . I've already put "iNumHWThreads=2" for my PC in my Fallout.ini & Fallout_default.ini Files. Oh and I'm playing with a controller, but my drivers aren't outdated, I tested my game without a controller, and it does the same thing, crash. Load Order System Info Anyway, if by any chance someone can help me with my problem, PLEASE, say something, I haven't played the Old World Blues DLC yet, which I'm quite excited about, but i just can't, because of these crashes.
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