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  1. Hello everyone! I'm going to keep it short and simple, this is a full length novel derived from a roleplay event that I participated largely in on another forum. I wrote this up, and most of the writing is my own, however, with permission, some original posts are kept from the original roleplay. Read the credits at the beginning for more info. I hope you enjoy this fan fic novel. As this is based off of a roleplay that has previously happened, modifications are not really negotiable. Read Balindrium Online Balindrium - Download Link - Various Formats Clocks out at Pages(A4):207 Words: 105,028 Characters: 570, 791
  2. Try drawing up a concept art of some kind, or describing in more detail what you want, modders become interested when they have something they can see, something to get their imagination and creative juices working. Give them something to draw them in, and then you might enjoy more succes http://www.thenexusforums.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/turned.gif
  3. Just because something isn't good, doesn't mean you need to trash it like that. You could of quite happily left it at "If you could make the weapon look more oblivionized than it is". But instead you choose to tear down the work this person put into it. This is a community place, community's do not function if everyone in said community is trashing us half the time. Next time you could try leaving out the unnecessary offensive remarks. You didn't give positive reactions, so you shouldn't exactly expect them in return. Not the place for this kind of discussion. Don't feed the Trolls just report them and move on. -DW As I explained above, the model linked is excellent work, but it has no textures, nor has it been converted to a nif, nor does it have a plugin, there is nowhere in the original post were the OP claims the mod is not good, you did that because you were too lazy to actually look at the mod linked. -myrmaad
  4. Link It's not exactly what you requested, seeing as there isn't really a quest involved, but it still resurrects Lucien.
  5. Hey. How are you?
  6. Generally, compilation packs are troublesome to get together, as you'd have to rush around grabbing permissions, and other such things. While it's a fine idea, there's a reason it doesn't exist so far.
  7. I doubt it's possible. I doubt the AI could handle it. And scripting would most likely be difficult, not to mention a lot of clipping issues. Basically, you could connect the NPC to the horse, but it wouldn't really be riding, more like dragging the NPC along.
  8. Dopplers Armoury Knightly Armoury L33 Nexus's Weapons http://www.thenexusforums.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/turned.gif
  9. While the site where my list is located is under maintenance until some time next week (Most likely tomorrow or tuesday) here is the next update to the list that will be added! There is a much bigger update coming, between 50 and 100 mods! There's a big update coming to the main list!
  10. Thanks ^^, I just Hope it attracts the right people.. but thats wishful thinking i guess ;/ There will always be some who don't use things for the purpose they were intended, but there will obviously be plenty who will use it for the right purpose. At any rate, have a kudos.
  11. I think this is quite a decent idea, would certainly fill up some time when you have nothing better to do in Cyrodiil. On the other hand, while some aspects are doable, the main aspect of this mod, is (at least to my knowledge) not. Siege towers might be possible, but it would be quite a lot of work to create, and script. Modelling, animating, and scripting all of these new elements would take a lot of time. Also 30 NPC's per team? 15 in total is Oblivions general limit, throw in a lot of other detailed models such as your catapults, and there could be some serious FPS issues. This mods not really possible, which is probably why you haven't seen it before. You could probably get a working version, but it would be on a much less grand scale, and not really what you expected.
  12. Guns have never worked well in Oblivion, for the simple fact that it wasn't designed to handle them. It's possible, but I doubt it would turn out the way you're expecting.
  13. I think he means a modern sort of cruise liner Unless this is a dwemer reference, I think he means a modern cruiser. If that is the case, that would be a lot of work. You'd need new textures, new models etc. This would be a large undertaking, and reasonably difficult. If you did mean an Oblivion time period type ship, I actually think it's a wonderful idea. It would be a great way to roleplay a Cyrodilian noble. What better way to use your money than sail the seas in luxury, never having to work.
  14. This looks good! Keep up the good work! http://www.thenexusforums.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/turned.gif
  15. Some of your ideas are quite good, but most are extremely heavy work loads. Some like Jousting are things that would take months, with experienced modders. Re-evaluate, thin them down a little, make them easier to manage, and focus on one at a time. For the ones such as the guards mod stated first, use them as an opportunity to learn the CS. I'm not trying to say your ideas are bad, just that if thought about more realistically they might attract more modders, or make it easier for yourself to mod. Good luck! Remember I could be wrong, someone might be interested right now!
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