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  1. Does anyone have links to modder's resources with Japanese, Chinese, and Korean style buildings? If you have a mod using these kind of models and want to allow permission for me to use them in my Akavir Land of Dragons mod it would be immensely appreciated as well as help the mod finish faster. I've sank 8 years into my Akavir mod and feel like the only thing holding me back from really finishing it out is enough proper architecture models. Any help is appreciated.
  2. The sun sets in Tsaesci, but rises in Ka'Po'Tun...
  3. Akavir is beautiful, but deadly...
  4. Can anyone give me a description on how to use Annwyn to combine quads?
  5. Well I got it into the game, and it retained all the details I wanted it to, only thing is that it's not 1:1 scale. So I separated the heightmap into 16 quads and that made it pretty close to 1:1 scale, but only the center 4 quads load. As I said in another post, BSTamriel is well over 4 quads, so it's possible to get this into the game, but I'm having to get help on the process from the guy who did the Tamriel map. It's going to be great having this in the game. Thanks for posting this thread TV, it's helped me out a bunch. I think you should take a look at the site I linked for DEMs. The one I used was a lot more detailed. Thanks again, and if you know anyway to get 16 quads working in game, I'd appreciate it.
  6. I already said the DEM you suggested is the pic from post #41. That grayscale is just to show how much more detailed that DEM is compared to the one you linked. I guess I worded it weird. It can still be grayscaled, it's just the definition gets a little blurry. And is there a way to remove the hillshade effect? I saw that the Mojave Wasteland is 31, 31 as well, but that still shouldn't matter. I've made a mod that extends out past the map and it works. Check this guy Morcroft out: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/806-common-worldspace-heightmap/ That's well over the 31, 31 norm, so I know it can be done piece by piece. Here's the grayscale from that same DEM: See how it has the Stadium's footprint(That's what I'm calling it), roads, and the land bridge I mentioned?
  7. Here's the tLandscape heightmap from my mod and a pic of the view from a hill behind my old house. The heightmap's extent is 31, 31. Is that the same as Capital wasteland or Mojave? The third pic is a real scale version of the phase two type one house model(minus textures).
  8. I understand it will take a lot. On another forum, a guy did the whole continent of Tamriel for Skyrim. It's detached from the province of Skyrim, but it's still a huge worldspace. I think it's larger than my selected area. I would settle for a smaller part of what I showed you, and use this chunk instead, since it's what I really need for the mod: If you know how to get at least that section in as close to real scale as possible, I'd gladly accept the aid. Here's a google maps shot with street names if you want to look at the actual area: And here it is in the DEM I got from that Link I posted: You can see the roads, foundations, and the land bridge between Farb and the Youth Center(I used to live there). A problem I keep having with the DEM is that the hills are shaded and when you grayscale it doesn't work right. Also the scale, like you said. I separated the pic from my previous post into 16 quads and it's about right, the hills are too smooth and short though, and no land bridge or small elevation changes like the newer DEM. Thanks for your quick response. This is a personal thing for me. I made a WIP mod of part of the area I want to make for FO3 and it made me want to have the real world height map. Here's a link, the picture isn't what all was done, and the mod is in the tLandscape part of the game(probably wasn't a good idea): http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/12168 Now I've been trying to get this into FONV. I'm also modeling the old versions of the houses and buildings in the area. I really really want to get this mod made. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  9. http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/194119-will-somebody-help-me-make-a-map/ I'm still trying to get this section of San Diego into game, but I can't get it in the right scale, or with the right amount of detail like my DEM has. Here's a link to the DEM I'm using: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/dem/squareCellGrid/download/3542 I need this one because it has the roads and foundations for houses. It also has all the minor land elevations I need for the military housing area I mainly need. I'd like to get all of this pic into the game at it's real scale: If anyone can help me get this into FONV I'd appreciate it.
  10. Hey I like what you came up with and I think you might like this site: http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/119-beyond-skyrim/ I'm trying to put together a group to work on the Valenwood province if you're interested.
  11. Running across Valenwood...
  12. Still can't get the grayscale settings to work right. Everything comes out spiky and distorted. I could really use some guidance.
  13. Ok. I can view it in Geck, but in the render window, it's all distorted. I'm using photoshop cs5. VTB. Microdem. Why is the render all distorted?
  14. Hey I'm trying to get San Diego county in a heightmap, but can't it into GECK using the tutorial. Can you help me out? I'm using Microdem and Photoshop. I can get it into a raw file that's 16 bit grayscale and 1024x1024.
  15. Thanks LordFrostCraig. That's what I was talking about. I use Valenwood Improved, Skyrim Improved, and Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina mods and they all have a few locations beyond the normal map. I would love to get mods for Black Marsh/Argonia, Summerset Isles, Hammerfell, and High Rock too. You know, the kind that allow you to walk to those provinces from Cyrodil. If anyone knows of any for those provinces let me know please!
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