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  1. I have this script working now through using an attached art object to add custom node names onto the player. Getting the weapon to fire only works in 3rd person, though. The objectreference and weapon both get created in 1st and in 3rd person, but the thing only fires when in 3rd. So, 'akSource' has to be used (or at least works) to get a gun to fire in first person, as well as in 3rd. Why using the objectreference only works in 3rd person is still bizarre.
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman, but I've been running into this problem where PlaceAtNode works in 3rd person, but not in first, attempting to attach an ObjectReference to the player's bones. (Nevermind that when it does work in 3rd person, seemingly absolutely nothing I've tried overrides the orientation/position of the NiNode/Bone that my objectreference is getting attached to.) Here is my simple script: Scriptname HandsawProjectileScript extends activemagiceffect actor ThisGuy ammo property ThisAmmo auto weapon property ThisGun auto String ThisAnim = "hitFrame" EVENT OnEffectStart(Actor akTarget, Actor akCaster) ;debug.notification("Is this thing on") ThisGuy = Self.GetCasterActor() RegisterForAnimationEvent(akCaster, ThisAnim) ENDEVENT EVENT OnAnimationEvent(ObjectReference akSource, string asEventName) if asEventName == ThisAnim string ThisEvent = asEventName debug.notification("You did " + ThisEvent + "") ObjectReference FakeGun = ThisGuy.PlaceAtNode("ProjectileNode", ThisGun) Weapon ThatGun = FakeGun.GetBaseObject() as Weapon ;FakeGun.MoveToNode(FakeGun, "ProjectileNode", "P-Origin") ThatGun.Fire(FakeGun, ThisAmmo) RegisterForAnimationEvent(ThisGuy, ThisAnim) FakeGun.Delete() ThatGun = NONE endif ENDEVENT Now in this example, I'm trying to match the weapon to the ProjectileNode which I thought would have been inherited as part of the player's nodes because of the currently equipped weapon, but this does not work. Everywhere else I've read says it should, but maybe only for armor pieces and not weapons?
  3. I have at least narrowed down the CTD issue to the following: Forget about exploding vehicles. If the projectile takes damage from literally ANY explosion (and I assume from anything else as well) the game will CTD. Tried: Collision/No Collision Explosion on impact, no explosion Explosion on alt timer/none Destruction stages enabled/none Explosion property filled in even without 'explosion' flag like on some vanilla projectiles (casings) Default weapon source/none Leaving impact data for everything as default instead of bounceGuess I need to go find a point at which the game WON'T CTD when a lobbed/missile type projectile takes damage from another source and go from there because this is ridiculous!
  4. Looking for discussion/insight on manipulating projectiles, impact data and explosions and what the engine best supports. I am getting a pretty consistent CTD just when a vehicle is about to enter its last destruction stage and explode having taken damage from being hit by a bunch of (at least 11 total like a shotgun fire) missile type projectiles with havok, (so they's bounce off metal type surfaces). Whether the missile has the explode flag or not doesn't seem to affect whether the game crashes when firing at an explosive car. Using the 'lobber' type projectile so damage isn't registered on hit does not seem to lead to CTD when firing at a vehicle, but the vehicle seems to take damage from being hit by havok though which is what makes it go boom in that case. So there are multiple things going on when the missile 'hits' to do damage including having impact data, its own havok which does damage potentially and then whatever weapon damage it deals as divided amongst the weapons projectile count. Does the engine just suck at handling multiple projectiles (wouldn't think so)? Is havok leading to CTD (the game can handle a heck of a lot more collision interaction than just firing a dozen or .nifs at one moveable static/activator)? There is also this 'has 3d based ammo count' flag that isn't documented and unknown what it does: I am working on this weapon that works flawlessly firing at actors, the ground, with a gazillion of these projectiles strewn about with no performance loss, but somehow, when I go to retire some old vehicle, the game just says 'lol nope' and CTD. Why?
  5. Ladies and gents, the Skyrim modding community.
  6. Huh. For the brief time comparatively that I've spent in the institute I never did not no how notice this. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Market? I guess not everybody approaches modding that way. The b) market's loss will truly be felt.
  8. In my case, it would be too much to list in a description. I'm thinking about actually releasing a pdf version of changes, but then almost nobody would be guaranteed to read it.
  9. Yeah, pretty much. Too much work. Like waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Can't even. Not going to happen. I think it's amusing, what can be put into a bullet point like it's a simple thing, and only if it can be checked off. Except for all of those specific details about the thing, and getting it checked off. If only.
  10. The Commonwealth really lacks a consistent unifying theme to make it interesting. Fallout 3 went full post-nuclear. New Vegas had the desert. It really becomes clear in Fallout 4, too like when you compare Far Harbor to the vanilla Commonwealth - Acadia is dripping with atmosphere. The Commonwealth has clear, blue skies and... leaves. It could be just any other crisp, New England, Fall day. I think winter overhaul mods make the commonwealth look the best, maybe because the weather and sunlight is meant to look like fall/winter.
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