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  1. Perhaps if you look into OBSE's log files as a first step? Obse.log, obse_loader.log or obse_editor.log could leave some hints. If not, I would try update OBSE to recent version, as others say. Then I would try to run OBSE without plugins (if you use them) an add them one by one. Regarding update the original doesn't have any automatic update, besides the newest 21.4 is years old. Recent xOBSE can be switched on for automatic updates in its obse.ini file by setting bCheckForUpdates to 1 (by default is switched off and personaly I didn't try it), but in older versions this feature isn't present too.
  2. You need to download and install recent version of Address Library for SKSE Plugins, namely a All In One Address Library (Anniversary Edition) file. It is now updated for 1.6.1179.0 too.
  3. Planet Crafter! Looks decent, worth a try if you like survival games.
  4. That's in my opinion points back at Ascension as a main culprit, even when sneak edits were removed, as this mod triggering this bug was confirmed in its comments section. Disabling partial precission would serve as valid workaround, if precission rounding errors are truly behind this. Script and magic effect triggering this problem is a valid thought too, but for this case I think is unlikely because it would be seen more frequent (like using begin OnDeath event and the like). Besides it expands the search area too much, and as I'm not a user of all of these mods, even with elimination process it's beyond my abilities and free time to download and analyze al of them.
  5. Assuming that all sneak edits are truly removed from Ascension.esp, I would try to disable PTSneakPenalties (seems harmless enough, but as you have problem with sneaking...) and AV Uncapper (both OBSE plugin and init esp - I suspect that additional computations in armor and weapon area could be indirectly responsible for triggering this bug too). Oblivion in many cases isn't prepared to handle too high values of skills or attributes, resulting in seemingly strange effects (like enemies not attacking you due too high personality etc.). Sadly if it fails, I don't know what to suggest more, as rest of list seems OK (maybe to show OBSE plugins too).
  6. In fact this was discussed in Ascension's comment section (precisely by sancrain on 25th August 2023), but except showing steps to reproduce this bug, no exact cuplrit or solution was found. For me it's looking like precision error when comparing float numbers and I personally experienced that condition in a script gave a wrong result when comparing a float variable against a given float number. A discussion suggested to lower back all changed sneak attack multipliers (I would rather remove these edits completely). Regarding perks I think they are hard-coded, so I would try to lower sneak skill back to 99 by executing SetAV command (player.SetAV Sneak 99) in console and observe a result.
  7. Yes, use of this command did the trick and all seems working as it should. As I used OnActivate event in combination with a token, my result is this: As you run Oblivion, reaching the main menu will initialize OnActivate event, editor ID of this quest is RomRActivateQST in CS (I was lazy to change that). This handler applies some filtering and adds a token to NPC which will do the rest of work. Notice the use showMBox quest variable present in previous quest script, so you must set this variable to nonzero value first . And this is what you wanted. In this example a token will show a message box and your choice will be printed to console. After this token will reset NPC's "destroyed" flag and detaches from inventory. As mentioned earlier, this approach is propably overkill. But all you need is to set one variable "on/off".
  8. For now the only way I found is to use event handler to put a NPC into unconscious state and adding a token which will show message box and after a choice is made, it will reset that state. Main problem is that after reseting a unconscious flag the face didn't return to its original state. Using Update3D command worked, but the way this command works makes NPC blink.
  9. The DropBox link posted by RaoufsWife in the comments section is still working. I had no issues to download it - just close all pop-up windows after redirect to DropBox, click on download button (and close anoher pop-up). Tested it with my Opera, but my old Firefox browser showed only blank page.
  10. There shouldn't be a need for such complex solution. By editing of OnActivate block and inserting Activate command(s) in it will also begin a dialog. scn RomRSeedNeeusOnActSCR short m begin OnActivate if IsActionRef playerRef if m == 0 set m to 1 Activate Message "You activated this NPC for a first time." else Activate Message "You activated this NPC again." endif else Activate endif end For example this simple script will show a message whenever you activate NPC and begin a dialog as normal.
  11. Who knows? It's one of many theories trying to predict a future of our universe. Nothing in our universe is infinite, yet we observe events in ongoing cycles, repeating themselves, yet not completely same. For example if our universe really implodes back, the next one could be completely different or not, but it surely it will be not exactly same as before due the forces of chaos or enthropy at work. Same for life cycle. If the reincarnation exists, my next life will consist of same life cycle as before (from to be born to die). But my life experience can be completely different. There is no even quarantie that I will spend my next life on Earth or in human body. Only one thing is sure - due the fact that my former body will not exist, my next life can't be exactly same as before. But such mysteries are for scientist, theologists or philosophers, search for answers will keep them busy propably forever.
  12. To don't want deteriotate this thread much further but I would like to add some words about this too. The extremist problem mostly goes from incompatibility of the culture of western world with the rest. Most imigrants came here for easier life only to find that life here is much more complex and there is nothing free too. They are paralyzed by choices and unable to cope with them. And so they want their simplier world back, unable to see that if they get it, their life will be same as if they didn't come here in the end. Regarding religion - besides of give you moral imperatives, they try to explain origin of our world for example. Funny is, scientist determined that our universe has its beginning (Big Bang theory), but they're mostly unable to explain what triggered it. As before that was simply nothing for us, so one could come to conclusion that force triggering it must be external. And to see inner complexity of our world and nature in it, sometimes is hard to believe that it all came from pure randomness and chaos. Still, such force is propably outside our universe and if it don't choose to reveal itself, we will never know of its nature. Really, most problems which humans have are of human origin, so blaming some force is rather futile. And there is nothing to solve them or work instead of you, if you never make at least attempt to do something yourself. And in the end at least something relevant a little to this thread. Not long ago I readed on Ars Technica that now USA's electricity comes 60% from renewable sources and at a same price as from non-renewables. Really a slap to EU's Green Deal. It's not from laziness of Europeans itself (my country has 3,7% average unemployment decade rate now, 2,6% by Czech Statistical Office from August 2023), so it's inefective goverment and use of resources to blame it seems.
  13. It's missing all race directories. Is OCOv2 instaled correctly? The esps from Advanced Edition you're using are ment to replace original esps only and they need rest of original OCOv2 files present. It looks like you forgot to install original OCOv2 first or at a wrong place.
  14. Unhandled exception "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" at 0x7FFAD05DF053 OpenAnimationReplacer.dll+01CF053 This is propably most generic c0000005 exception, but this line also clearly show that OpenAnimationReplacer plugin is responsible. Sadly I can't tell If it's due some bug or incompatilbility with the rest of plugins.
  15. You have small mismatch of if and endif commands: scn GhoulExitTriggerSCRIPT ; 5.4.09 JF ; This script is attached to the hatch in the room overlooking the rocket pad in the REPCON basement. It teleports the ghouls to the tunnel ; leading to the rocket pad and gives them a package to make their way there. ref EnteringActor begin OnTriggerEnter Set EnteringActor to GetActionRef ; Only teleport a creature if it's Jason Bright if EnteringActor.GetIsReference JasonBright == 1 if VMS01.JasonGoodbye > 0 EnteringActor.Disable 1 ; Make Jason fade out EnteringActor.MoveTo JasonEntranceMarker EnteringActor.Enable 1 ; Make Jason fade in Set VMS01.JasonGoodbye to 2 EnteringActor.evp endif ; Or Harland (if not hired) elseif EnteringActor.GetIsReference HarlandREF == 1 if aaaQHarlandFollowerQuest.bHarlandHasBeenHired == 0 EnteringActor.Disable 1 ; Make Harland fade out EnteringActor.MoveTo JasonEntranceMarker EnteringActor.Enable 1 ; Make Harland fade in Set HarlandREF.HarlandState to 1 EnteringActor.evp endif ; Or any of the other ghouls elseif EnteringActor.GetInFaction GhoulFaction && EnteringActor.GetInFaction REPCONBrightBrotherhoodFaction EnteringActor.Disable 1 EnteringActor.MoveTo JasonEntranceMarker EnteringActor.Enable 1 EnteringActor.evp endif end Edit: Assuming that these ghouls aren't Harland's company.
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