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  1. The whole 'gender is irrelevant' thing, is what's tripping me up the most with these new improvements.
  2. @HollownessDevoured Well, and this is now off topic, overall the website is fascist in its ideals; you can't say anything that goes against what the 'community or /r' believes, or else you'll have your comment removed. The definition of fascism: That is exactly what reddit is, and does. You have to agree wholly with whatever topic is presented. Any attempt to comment in a way that others don't agree, will have your comment thumbs down to high hell. A moderator will come in, and remove your comment for "failing to meet the community guidelines" which is just shorthand for, it fails to meet our ideals. Honestly, this site is tripped out, it really is stuck in the 1940s. Again, this is off topic, but it has to be said somewhere that reddit is a true story of a dystopian 1984 future, where libertarianism is used for all the wrong reasons, and ideals and concepts are kept in a vaccum, where only certain parties are allowed to comment.
  3. This is EXCATLY! See where I come from, we don't refer to women as men, its considered rude. So I'd get scolded for doing that. I know I've had a couple of people once in a blue moon actually think I'm a female. XD I had to tell them I'm a dude. I just like Nevada the yakuza because she's hot. At least have it in where somebody must choose either male, female, or prefer not say. We're not using nexus as a dating simulator, but it's a cultural thing that I need to know how to properly address users on the site. As for reddit, that place is all jacked up, there's no saving that sad site, it has issues everywhere, but that's a story for another time
  4. I have another issue with the "improvement" in the beta. I have absolutely no idea what the gender of a user is. So I can't tell if I'm talking to a male, or talking to a female. I know we live in the woke apocalypse and all that, and I'm not here to attack 'wokeness'. The reason why it's user gender is an important feature to display a user's gender, is so a user can adjust their messages accordingly. I wouldn't go, "yo, what's up, dude?" to a female user. I'd go, "hey, how's it going." so that I'm not rude. I actually had an issue years ago with my friend zzjay, when she helped me making a mod. I thought she was a male, and so I referred to her as such in the description page when I was giving a shout out. A mod user had to comment that she was a she. It was pretty embarrassing, and very cumbersome. Please re-add that feature somewhere on the user profile?
  5. Lmfao! Yes bro, I am hitting the + key. Still no dice For me, it's not working. Not sure what else to say other than it's not working. Please make adding images to the about page more full proof in your update, because this ain't it.
  6. Lol, but I used a new and completely different image this time, and it still showed up as a URL
  7. Um, I'm still getting a URL instead of a picture, even when I try to 'drag the files' or choose an image. It doesn't display.
  8. This issue: With the URL being shown, instead of simply showing the image like I did here. I'd like for whenever I post the URL, it just shows the image, like how I do when I post in the image section, instead of just showing the URL address. It used to do it before all the updates, but now it literally doesn't. Can you fix this please? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. ^This. The downgrading is necessary, but I've had times where installing "bug fixes" or improvements actually made my game ctd more often. I'd say if you wanna downgrade, and you did that, just install what you think you want for your game. If you don't really want it, then don't use it.
  10. Yeah....so over time using this, I have to say that what others are saying is started to affect me as well; the format us waaay too large and in your face. I liked how the normal look was that we have now is simple and does the job. Please come up with a better looking UI than what you're currently trying to implement, the promts are too close, and too blocky, making navigating a little nauseating
  11. Sheesh, I'm back commenting again, am I? Yeah I'm afraid there are some more issues here and there. I'm trying to post a image in my profile page, using IMGbox, and the link won't show in the about page. It won't work. Please fix it so that I can post pictures on my about page like we used to do before. That would be great.
  12. So I'm having a bug where Fallout 4 isn't being shown, even though I have pictures for it. It shows Skyrim images, and even has "mass Effect" images (despite me never taking any screenshots or making any posts from mass effect.) But it doesn't show fallout 4. Hitting the all games shows all my images, but there are still a vast majority of other games not showing.
  13. It's very good looking, pretty accessible so far. I do have one complaint; my profile pic shown on the page is incredibly low rez. If that can be bumped up some more, that would be much appreciated.
  14. That's actually a large part of one of the reasons why I never switched. Dude, there's just too many Skyrim SE turkeys that are cramming mods into SE, they don't realize that that's actually hurting the SE modding scene. It's like going to buy milk. When Milk is just a jug with the words milk on it, then its easy...But when Milk, is over 1,000,000 variants, with different names for different functions and different flavors, each with enhancing and adverse effects, then you question whether you should buy milk, or just stick with water. Skyrim SE is the same clutterfield. I'm both paralyzed by choice, and immobilized by where I should start and what should be downloaded first. This is integral, because it makes SE seem uncomfortable, and I don't know what should be downloaded first. That coupled with the fact that Bethesda can 'update' aka f#$k up the game whenever they want, I have no idea which versions will work, or which versions I should downgrade. Not even Fallout 4 is cluttered with this many mods. The SE community kinda went full ape$#t with the amount of mods they crammed in. This also makes making newer more original mods virtually impossible, because nobody in the site knows what's been made before or not, and so they just make a preset or patch. This, and the fanbase is generally toxic. Both the users AND the mod authors are equally entitled and toxic, there is no grey area. Even the nexus devs know this, that's why Collections exists. Even they're like screw it, let's just press a button to manually install all the mods at once. Skyrim LE on the other hand, is way more manageable, and its easy to go on, install mods and not have to worry about an overcluttered mod page, or even a toxic community, as most on there are generally helpful minus a couple of cracked eggs. I recommend leaving SE alone, and just forcing LE to work, I've been on it since 2011, and it still never fails to impress, the mods I have on there are easily just as impressive. Nobody wants to comb through millions of mods just to play a game, it's way too overwhelming. Instead, they need to spread out, make mods for LE, make mods for other Bethesda games, just make mods elsewhere, and let SE RIP.
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