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  1. If I remember right, the Home and End keys (on your keyboard) will jump to the ends of the slider. So hitting Home there should jump it down to 1 without having to drag it. Beyond that, no ideas. Maybe SkyUI plus SkyUI-Away could do it (I've never tried SkyUI-Away). But SkyUI-Away was never ported to SE, so you'd have to extract a few files from its .bsa to make them work loose (details in a sticky comment).
  2. I don't recall archive invalidation being needed in Skyrim, since that was part of working around the earlier games' method of loading plugins by last-modified date. (A very early Oldrim update switched Skyrim to using plugins.txt's listing order instead.) But I could be wrong; I've never installed any big texture mods that use .bsa's. But getting the "duh!" things out of the way first, is the texture mod active in MO2's left pane? And is its .esm or .esp (if it has one to load a .bsa) active in your right pane, and sorted after other mods that edit some of the same textures (like the Unofficial Patch)? (Also, if you're looking for the Skyrim forums, they're under Game Communities at the top of any forum page (or in the ≡ menu on mobile). Click Join Community there to post there.)
  3. I don't play Fallout 4 myself. But if you're looking for the Fallout 4 forums here, they're under Game Communities at the top of any forum page (or in the ≡ menu on mobile). Click Join Community next to it to post there.
  4. @iTzVirtual00 What game is this for? You posted in a general forum and didn't say. (Not all games have their own forums here. But those that do are in Game Communities at the top of every forum page (or in the ≡ menu on mobile). Click Join Community on those you want to post in.)
  5. Unfortunately, that says it doesn't support the German low-gore version. (Definitely back up the game files if you try it anyway, @MatSpikeYinsen.) And @MatSpikeYinsen, if you're looking for the Fallout 3 forums here, look in Game Communities at the top of any forum page (or in the ≡ menu on mobile). Maybe someone there knows how to fix the problem. Though reading a bit, it looks like the recent update was only to the launcher. The game itself should still work if you launch fallout3.exe directly (or use the FOSE launcher if you have FOSE installed).
  6. Does it only affect the one character's saves, or does it happen in new saves too (via main menu > New)?
  7. Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold -- LE, SE. I might have to try that sometime. So far I've just used a divorce .bat file of console commands to remove you and your spouse from the marriage factions and reset the marriage quest. (There are a few of these floating around the Nexus for both LE and SE -- and they should work in either game, since the commands haven't changed between LE and SE as far as I know.) Speaking of which, there are also some divorce mods out there like Simple Divorce for LE , or GuruSRs DIVORCE or I want the divorce for SE.
  8. @Mercenary931 Hmm, do you have any mods that affect staves or weapon racks?
  9. I'm not sure myself; I've barely played DA:O. But maybe someone in the Dragon Age: Origins forums here will know. (And you can find specific games' forums -- when they exist -- in Game Communities at the top of any forum page (or in the ≡ menu on mobile). Click Join Community next to those you want to post in.)
  10. If you're using the Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch, check if something's reverting its fixes to Inheritance. And if you're in the current AE/SE with it, see if you can reproduce the problem so they can fix it better.
  11. Try editing your skin tone again, via ShowRaceMenu Alternative or Vanity Mirror, or via the ShowLimitedRaceMenu console command.
  12. @Mercenary931 This sounds like something the Unofficial Skyrim Patch Project fixed long ago. Do you have the current patch for your version of the game? (USSEP 4.3.1 for SE 1.6.1130 and newer; USSEP 4.2.9a for SE 1.6.640; USSEP 4.2.5a for SE 1.5.97.*) * If you're using a downgraded version of Skyrim SE (1.6.640 or 1.5.97), this will be harder to find; the Unofficial Patch Team hide old versions of the patch from the download page. Search around for direct links.
  13. Thanks, I couldn't quite remember how often when I responded.
  14. Rainy days can be surprisingly relaxing.
  15. Jimi Hendrix - "Rainy Day, Dream Away" and "Still Raining, Still Dreaming" (from Electric Ladyland)
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