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  1. Maybe I am blind, but is it written somewhere till which date we have a chance to win?
  2. I dont know if ur problem still exist but it is clearly a conflict between the head meshes (facegen) of the npc.First what you can do is looking if there are different meshes in use. For example find out the ID of one NPC that has that problem (in your picture for example Lydia) - her ID number you can get by loading the skyrim.esm in tes5edit/ssedit and search in the left panel under non player character and in that List should be "housecarlWhiterun" to find. Write down the Form ID and exit without saving. You can also find the Form ID Number by searching in google, but not every source is correct or complete. So Lydia for example has 000a2cbe - this number you enter in search field of your skyrim data folder or in your case in the subfolder "mods" of the mod organizer path. In the result texture (dds) and meshes (nif) should be shown. Important is that the meshes should look the same (you can open them with nifscope and will see if there are difference). For Bijin for example the facegen mesh should be in meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\<modname>.esp but also meshes\actors\character\facegendata\facegeom\skyrim.esm. If the last path is missing create in the same mod that path structure and only copy the content of the folder of <modname>.esp into the new subfolder skyrim.esm. Same you do with the textures. Other possibility is, that other mod overwrite, but that you easily already found out by the ID search in the mod folder (but also look in the path of your Data folder in the normal Skyrim path) or in loading all esp in tes5edit if two mods change the same character (appears red then). Also if you have the citrus head installed and saved something else in CreationKit, you accidently could have created new facegen meshes. Just make sure they all with the same ID have the same look. I have every character in my game replaced too make everyone look unique - so have been through a lot of troubles with that too :) Hope I could help u a bit and it fixes the issue that you have
  3. I also only get 228 in the update.esm although I have deleted the string folder in the Data folder, because someone here said that the difference is because of the wrong version of the string files
  4. the whole nexus mod website is down. I am trying it for skyrim and skyrim se also since probably 20 minutes... Edit: right now it seems to work again
  5. Thanks, I did that. Sadly, there seems no way to get steam to roll-back game version. :sad: the roll back also worked for me. Thank u!!!!
  6. Althrough a while ago, I think I may have find the issue that was causing it. It seems I had some meshes, that althrough converted for SE, did the grey bug because they were usually made for parallax (althrough I didnt had the parallax texture in use, since SE doesnt support Parallax), but the link was still in the meshes - and maybe also the mesh are a little different? However. I took the original vanilla meshes or the ones of SMIM and linked it with my textures. Hope that helps u
  7. I am having once and while that meshes ingame are grey/silver - like they wouldn't have a texture. But usually a missing texture woukd appear purple ingame. And I also checked, the textures are there and the mesh is also vanilla nif. So I don't know what causes that problem: http://imgur.com/a/wsKPs http://imgur.com/a/NX3CG Also weird is that it happens randomly with any mesh. So in one city it is a house - same mesh and texture loads in another cell fine- or even when I revisit the same cell again, it could be fine again. Then next time it is well and so on. So is it a engine thing? I would have thought first that it is maybe a vram limit, but I have these bugs in Skyrim SE (which shouln't have the limit) and my 4 GB Vram of my graphiccard not reached here a limit at all, and I remember in oldrim it turned things like faces black but not grey, when u went out of vram. So anyone an idea?
  8. By the nine.....please, please, please don't forget to add then all the things that made Mod Organizer so wonderful unique: - having mods in separate folders instead of putting all the stuff into the game folder and let overwrite all just because for example meshes come into meshes folder (I really really can't deal with that in NMM- it brokes so often my game setting): so please let the original game files clean and keep the mods in different path and each in own folders - showing conflicts of single files and the hide function - that is undescribable brilliant and made it really easy to create the unique outcome in your game based on your own preferences - quick start options because of support for tools like CK, TES5Edit, FNIS, Merge plugin, LOOT, SKSE - and all the other little extras like seeing which mod was activated in the savegames, direct links to the nexus pages of every mod and so on... especially the first both points are very important for me (and probably many other MO Users) because it really helps us not to mess up a game or game setting when u run 500 mods so I am really excited about the results, especially as now SSE is for me not modable with the current version of NMM
  9. but I have TES5Edit v3.1.2 and get less removed than it is written in even older versions guides? I even completly did a new install- but still same problem that I have 67 instead of 96 ITM and only with Update.esm Edit: I did compare every file with an friend, because for me it looks like a part of the game is missing. And it seems like his Skyrim-Voices.bsa has around 200 000KB more because he is playing the game in english and I do in german. So probably that makes the difference?!?
  10. maybe stupid question, but I only get 67 removed records instead of 96 by cleaning Update.esm after clicking Removing Identical to Master - am I doing something wrong or has the number changed?
  11. I saw Birds of Skyrim got an USLEEP patch made by another modder: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/72833/? And which Mods do really need a USLEEP patch? I am not so familiar with that. For example is Inhabitants of Skyrim running without reporting any papyrus errors, but in the forum and on that list it is written a patch would be nessasary. So how can I find out what needs a patch and what not? can I see that somewhere in TES5Edit? Only time I noticed a conflict was with "Amazing Follower Tweaks" that produced errors in papyrus log - and regarding to some papyrus tutorials it was a USLEEP incompatibility.
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