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  1. What's wrong with enhanced daedric invasion? I'll check out SDR though as it stands I don't play a sneaky char so the whole following me around thing is a non-issue.
  2. Thanks for all that, I am using 000 135 but I don't know where I got these addons from seeing as this was all recently downloaded. As far as natural environments + all natural I picked up on it myself last night, I was convinced that natural environments didn't modify weather and only modified, well, the environment :tongue: but some were downright embarassing oversights (natural waters + liquid water...go me) Everything seems to be in order now so far and the rest of the plugins should not be clashing as I do usually read the readmes but tend to gloss over them for graphic related mods. Only problem I am running into now is that my previous save CTDs on load if I try to disable Natural Weather HDR.esp. I have removed natural waters without a hitch and would like to keep the other two options (vegetation and wildlife), but can only get back into the game if I keep Natural Weather HDR enabled alongside All Natural. Making a new game does not make me crash but I'd rather keep going with the current save. Seems to be working now after some fiddling. Thanks again Sergio1992
  3. Hello all, I've recently decided to boot oblivion back up since skyrim's release (so yeah been a while) and went around installing the recommended mods as well as a handful of my own personal choices. I used mod organizer, ran BOSS, made a bashed patch. Saw no errors, for VRAM and performance plugins I use OSR, Purger, and ENBoost which seem to do the job well enough as I can often play without a hitch for extended periods of time. However those periods almost always end with a CTD that isn't reproducable, and although I have had long sessions my latest was for example only 5 minutes before crashing. I often get them while loading into cities after long walks through the forests but I can just as well get one while swinging a mace at a necromancer or casting a spell, it seems to be completely random. I'm just wondering if anyone could take a look at my load order and see if there's something I missed or some huge incompatibility that I nor BOSS wouldn't have picked up on. Thanks for any replies load order::
  4. Hello, I am using UFO (compatibility edition) and I have noticed that followers from vanilla (Jenassa, Lydia) and Interesting NPCs don't die in battle and simply go down on one knee. Now I can still kill them, meaning that they are flagged as protected however I thought turning their essential status off in UFO (Everyone dies...) removed that? Or at least it used to in older versions of UFO. I have also noticed that I couldn't recruit more than one Interesting NPCs follower at a time and maybe even vanilla followers even though UFO is supposed to raise the cap to 15. I will double check for vanilla, if it's only interesting NPCs then that's not so bad. My question for you guys is if there is any way to remove that protected flag without going into the CK and doing it myself since I know nothing about it, I will post my load order here in case someone spots something that may be the cause of the issues I have with recruiting/removing protection off my followers. As a side note, I have tried installing EFF and AFT and, while they work fine, setting them to "default" in EFF and "allowing npc to die" in AFT do nothing to change their protected status. I do have a ton of mods. Probably too many, but I used MO, LOOT, and reordered some things by hand and my game runs as good as a game that modded can (hours without any ctd) and this is really the only issue I've been hit with so far. Thanks
  5. Little update, I added the .ini tweaks for multithreading for quad cores and didn't crash in the usual spots. However I only tested it quickly and don't wanna get my hopes up. If anyone notices any big conflicts in my load order by any chance I would still like to know. Since then I've updated to IMMERSIVE ARMORS 7 so I got rid of boethiah armor and tribunal and dragon knight esps and added CCO patches for frostfall/immersivecreatures/cloaks of skyrim/winter is coming and edited the log spoiler CCO patches were making my script logs huge (500kb+) and crashing my game for whatever reason. Seemed to be related to the SIC patch
  6. Hello, Since I reinstalled I'm just using new saves each and everytime I update a mod/ replace one/ fix something wrong so all these CTDs are with a fresh char and have happened on the 2 different chars I've made near there so far. I figure making new chars until I get the game as stable as I want it is my best bet for having the smoothest experience once I actually invest into one character.
  7. Hello, I've recently re-installed skyrim on my new computer nvidia 750GTM (2GB vram) x2 SLI intel i7 4700 @ 2.40ghz 1tb HDD+ 8 gb ssd 8gb RAM and I have painstakingly gone through all my old mods as well as recent ones, filtering out broken ones and replacing obsolete ones. I probably didn't do a flawless job of it as I still had bloated papyrus logs mainly due to Serana Secret and a broken BFS Effects installation, I've fixed both (by removing serana secret and reinstalling BFS) and my papyrus log is far less bloated and my game more stable. However I still get CTDs that I can more or less easily reproduce: So far I've noticed that I CTD without exception at the crossroads near Solitude Farm and the road leading up to the gate, as well as coming from Pelagia Farms towards whiterun (for example: coc whiterun drops me in front of it, I run towards Whiterun and CTD). The odd one about the whiterun ctd is that if I do it the other way around (coming from whiterun towards the farm) I don't crash. Now I've also installed Bethesda HD pack as well as amidianborn retex's (1k for landscapes) and project ENB and can maintain a steady 30 fps except in heavy areas. My two questions are: Since the ctds seem to be focused in one spot, is that spot just overloading my VRAM and thus: Would running the Bethesda HD packs through the Texture Optimizer help? I've heard reports that it can cause them to freak out a little bit. Or if it's an actual mod related crash (which IMO, it is) would anyone know which mod in my loadlist is causing the crashes: (I use BOSS and wrye bash) Thank you
  8. I downloaded wrye bash last night, will patch it up today, thanks for the heads up with distribution packages. Wish I knew about MO before, but so far I've only uninstalled SoS and may go ahead and remove wars in skyrim. I ran through my list and figured I would keep most of the things in there regardless so a fresh install would be a waste of time. However on that note, is there a good mod that does the same things as SoS minus the crashes? I'm looking through the GEMS list but none of these seem to correspond.
  9. hey all @ rabbit: my save files are as follow: lvl 44 char from when skyrim came out: 12 mb lvl 16 char I'm currently using: 9mb I have never had a save file over 12 mb in general across a bunch of characters. I don't know if papyrus creates a log when I just exit out though? As I said my game doesn't crash back to the desktop it just stays stuck at either a loading screen or when I turn around or attack or do any random action. I do have wars in skyrim and I don't know if it causes issues with the newer versions. I know BOSS tells me to get a patch that makes it 'compatible' with the CK, don't know if that would stabilize things? That's what I've thought often but I've lowered the settings on warzones and when I walk into a warzone it runs fine. The bigger ones take a couple seconds to load at worst. I have, some were unrecognized so I sorted them myself but this is all BOSS. What mods would be elsewhere? I've cleaned my mods with TESVEdit but I don't have wrye bash, I used to use it in oblivion but have been too lazy to grab it on skyrim. Guess I could do that. I've been putting those off for fear of incompatibilities, I'll look into them further. It is the V2A version. Does it really? I didn't know that. Yeah I know how to avoid those. Well as I said it happens very randomly, the very last time was earlier today in the whiterun plains near the graveyard where the headless horseman takes you for the loot and the dungeon you go clear out for the companions (and find out they're werewolves for the first time). There is also the biggest warzone there, redoran plains one, which I had just finished fighting through. I then go up to the graveyard and try to sneak up on a Monster Wars hooded gargoyle that's hanging around the graveyard and as the bow leaves my quiver the game gets stuck. The time before that was simply when walking to the aforementioned redoran plains warzone, nothing special was happening. Time before that was when looking at armors at the forge in riverwood. Sorry I don't have anything more precise, I'm not even sure I've turned on papyrus logging come to think of it. thanks for the suggestions so far EDIT: So thus far I have compatibility-patched my old pre-ck mods (mystic elven armor, midas magic, jswords, lost art of the blacksmith, etc.. wars in skyrim had no compatibility patch so right now is it still there) and deleted SoS. I will post back after playing a bit and see whether or not I crash. edit 2: I froze 3 times in a row after walking several meters out on my save file that was using SoS and now has it removed. I will attempt a new character edit 3: I am also considering a clean slate mod-wise and catching up as I feel my list is rather dated. The armors companions and quests are all things I would keep but I'd like to overhaul the rest of my game with the more recent mods. Is removing the mods one by one the simplest way to go through with this? Or a fresh skyrim install (though I'd rather avoid that)
  10. My skyrim has been freezing recently once every 10-20 minutes-ish when walking around outside, mainly in big open areas. It sometimes happens when inside and looking in a chest or accessing a follower inventory but this is very very rare. I do have a large number of mods but not many of them alter gameplay and I don't have enough gameplay altering ones for there to be a big conflict. Now I can't pinpoint the issue because my game does not CTD but simply locks and I have to ctrl+alt+del to end the process. Now my main suspicion is Sounds of Skyrim because of all the bad news concerning the civilization mod but I haven't ever had noticeable issues with it ever since it came out (whether that be save bloating or ctds), especially since SoS is supposed to cause many CTDs which I don't get, and I haven't heard of SoS causing freezing per se though I'm not ruling that one out. Here is my load order: Note: The last 4 esps aren't active because they cause CTDs with the new ultimate witcher mod Any help is greatly appreciated, I am also aware of the issues one can face when uninstalling SoS but I have no problem starting a new character. Thanks :|
  11. http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5604
  12. you could just set them as non essential via console and kill them that way
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