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  1. The latest steam version comes with creations that are updated, I believe some of the updated versions will be version 1.71 where they used to be version 1.7, this is the version of the file made by the creation kit which has also been updated to now create that version of esp/esm. You might try the Backported Extended ESL Support - BEES-1_2 mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/106441 and see if that helps. diziet
  2. I'm adding custom inis to the ini editor extension by Picksaurus, but they are not being saved, when I restart Vortex the list is just the standard bethesda game inis. I have edited the index.js file of the extension to add .bat and .toml files to the list of files that the extension sees, could this be the reason the custom inis aren't being saved? diziet
  3. The latest CK version according to the one I just downloaded with steam is 1.6.1130, the scripts included with that don't have it. I installed SSE 1.6.1170 just to look in the resource pack bsa and there isn't a pex for it either. diziet
  4. The patch notes for version 1.6.1170 mention a script 'calendarday' but I can't find it in the resource pack bsa, has anyone seen this script? I was wondering what it did. diziet
  5. I'm trying to make a patch for Helgen Reborn and Smart Harvest. SH uses the keyword LocTypeTown as one of the keywords it uses to control whether to loot or not. Helgen doesn't have the keyword attached to its location in the vanilla game. I could add it in a patch to that location but then Helgen would be subject to no looting rules at the beginning of the game when it is a ruin. I have worked out how to make a small quest that has the quest stage of HR where construction of houses begins as a condition, when the stage is reached I have successfully attached a keyword using PapyrusExtender to the Helgen location and then shutoff my quest. Unfortunately the keyword - while the console says it is there - select a ref and do "locationhaskeyword". The SH mod doesn't respond to that, unless I save, exit the game and restart. I thought this might be an SKSE thing since SH is an SKSE dll so I found myslef going down an enormous rabbit hole to set up an SKSE dev environment so I could take a look, and gave up very quickly:) It's not a big deal, this was just to be a patch for me, I'll save and restart when the time comes, but it would have been nice to have something I could publish:) diziet
  6. I've managed to get the condition you mention to fire. I'm trying to get my quest to notice that Helgen Reborn has started the construction phase and then add a keyword to the Helgen Location. I successfully got papyrusextender AddKeyWordToForm to do this (according to the console anyway). But the SKSE dll based mod that this is a helper patch for (Smart Harvest) only reacts to the new keyword if I save, exit and restart. Save and reload doesn't do it. I'm trying a locationalias in the quest with a keyword and filling that at the appropriate stage with the actual helgen location, but I can't make it work yet. I can't find a way to debug in my script whether the alias has a keyword, HasKeyword function doesn't sem to apply to a locationalias:( diziet edit: it seems that I got confused when reading about aliases with keywrods that were referencealiases, the keyword on the locationalias doesn't mean what I thought it meant. seems i can't use this way to add a keyword to a location.
  7. I want to make a patch for Helgen Reborn such that at a certain stage in the HR quest my patch script does something. However there is no source for HR and decompiling a quest fragment doesn't seem wise. Is there a way to have a quest of mine monitor/ be informed when another quest (in this the HR one) reaches a certain stage and would this be a hog in the background? I thought to use the conditions in the 'quest stages' tab of a new quest but although the HR quest is listed I can't find a way to reference its quest stage. diziet edit: ooh, I may have found it, I was looking at the conditions called GetQuest etc. but I just found one called 'GetStageDone' which looks promising. Still have the question about performance, since I would have to make my quest start enabled, right?
  8. Yes I'd realised that:) GiftMenu is only one way, even if I got to work. So will have to do without! diziet
  9. I want edit/create a script so that when a container is activated and the player and container's inventories are listed, the player's inventory will only show certain items, I've read the wiki page for addinventoryeventfilter but I don't find it very clear. I would like to identify the items to show by keywords attached to those items. Is this a thing and if so would some kind soul give me some pointers? diziet edit: I've got this far: Scriptname dz_fate_card_store_script extends ObjectReference FormList Property DBM_AllFateCards Auto Actor Property PlayerRef Auto Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef) self.BlockActivation(True) debug.trace("DBM_fatecardstore activated") AddInventoryEventFilter(DBM_AllFateCards) self.Activate(PlayerRef,True) EndEvent the block activation seems to work if I comment out the self.Activate(PlayerRef,True) line but the container menu is not filtered, the property is set edit2: after further reading it seems that the filter doesn't do what I thought it does, it doesn't affect what is shown in an inventory at all. neither can it prevent certain items from being added or removed; it only filters out items that _have_ been added or removed and blocks the OnItemAdded and OnItemRemoved events if the filter doesn't apply. ah well:)
  10. Vortex doesn't always enable the plugins properly in the 'Plugins' tab, at least for me. I often have to check there that the plugins for and enabled mod are actually enabled. diziet
  11. In this post: https://forums.nexusmods.com/topic/10031308-ways-to-refresh-menus-crafting-barter-inventory-etc-through-papyrus-without-closing-and-opening-again/ the author discusses ways of refreshing menus while in them. Is there a way to refresh the Giftmenu without leaving it. I've tried looking through the actionscripts for the giftmenu using JPEXS, but it's pretty much Klingon to me:) diziet
  12. Thanks I shall try that edit, cheers:) diziet
  13. I'm getting myself confused with 'Return' Does the call 'Return' exit out of all nested function or just the one function it is in? In the following: Event OnTriggerEnter(ObjectReference triggerRef) ;this is triggered when entering the trigger box dbg = mcm_script.toggle_debug DEBUG_TRACE(triggerRef As Actor,"undress triggerbox entered") If triggerRef == PlayerRef && dz_player_is_undressed.getValue() == 0 && dz_player_changes() == True ;checks to see if the trigger is the player dz_undress_player() ;if so call the function to undress the player dz_undress_marker.DisableNoWait() DEBUG_TRACE(PlayerRef,"calling player clean function") mcm_script.dz_player_clean_function(PlayerRef) Return EndIf If triggerRef as Actor && !dz_undressed_NPCs.HasForm(triggerRef) && dz_NPC_changes(triggerRef As Actor) == True ;is the trigger an actor (NPC)? dz_undress_NPC(triggerRef as Actor) ;then call the function to undress the NPC DEBUG_TRACE(triggerRef As Actor,"calling NPC clean function") mcm_script.dz_npc_clean_function(triggerRef As Actor) Return EndIf EndEvent does return from the first If/EndIf statement prevent the second from being evaluated? I think perhaps it doesn't and this will explain why the PC is appears to be getting caught by both. diziet
  14. I recently was on a googleduckbing and found that a comment of mine regarding using a steam controller with a GOG game and launching via Vortex is now on the wiki! https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/Using_Vortex_to_launch_a_GOG_game_with_Steam_controller So I thought I'd add here my recent adventure in getting the GOG Galaxy client to work but also have the steam controller working. There are two approaches: a) ensure that the GOG Galaxy is set to use the executable you prefer i.e. skse_loader.exe versus SkyrimSE.exe, set steam to run the galaxyclient.exe as a non-steam game with the appropriate command switches to tell galaxycleint.exe what game to run, then (optional) set Vortex to launch the steam-non game that is galaxyclient.exe. Screenshots follow: note that in the second screen shot the gameid variable is the GOG Galaxy gameid which can be found in the goglog.ini file in the GOG game's root directory. For me, this approach works, with these caveats; after exiting the game. steam still thinks that galaxyclient is running and the 'game' is shown green as such in the steam client, this is because GOG Galaxy is still running even though the game has exited. Closing GOG Galaxy is so far the only solution I have to this. The Galaxy overlay does not work but I have tested tie tracking and I received a Galaxy achievement during play, though this only showed up after I exited the game. b) the second approach is to reverse the first two steps, make steam launch the game exe, set the GOG Galaxy executable to be the steam.exe and launch paramaters, and then set Vortex to launch the galaxyclient.exe with its launch parameters. Although I got the game to run with the steam controller this way, I did not get any time tracking or achievements in GOG Galaxy. It is the achievements that I wish to get now that I have the GOG version of SkyrimSE. Therefore this second approach seems to serve no purpose:) YMMV of course, make of this what you will. Here's hoping the spoiler tag works on the images! diziet
  15. Launching through Vortex simply means using Vortex to run the same program that your desktop icon does, or, since you need to use SkyUI using Vortex; to run skse_loader.exe which should be in the game's root directory. Of course you can just double click skse_loader.exe and run the game like that and not have use Vortex to launch. Make a shortcut for skse_loader.exe on your desktop and use that:) diziet
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