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  1. Good. This should prevent the past.....unpleasantness shall we say.....from ever reoccuring. :D
  2. The Khajitt are not thieves, they simply have trouble understanding the concept of "ownership". They also have a native treat known as a "sweet meat".
  3. Kain puts on an innocent face. "Me?" he says with wide eyes of mock purity. "If you look carefully, you will see that this is a bladed staff, blades on either end. It works like a swallow or a double bladed sword, and will produce cuts. Or, would you prefer a demonstration?" Says the Wizard, smiling venomously.
  4. "Well!" said Kain, "I think we all know who is responsible!!" he shouts, turning around, and pointed his finger vehemently at Thomas. "Thomas was the only one there when the first murder happened! Thus, we are led to the conclusion, that HE is the most likely suspect."
  5. Kain's eyes grow wide. "What!? Liar!!! I never killed her! You can't prove anything!!!!" he shouts, looking around the tavern nervously.
  6. I agree completely. It's a leaf of heather, worth nothing, you pick it up and what do you get? "You will die!" I mean come on people.....
  7. "Indeed" says Kain to Racius, then swipes a vial from the pouch. He sniffs at the liquid carefully, deciphering it's contents. When the Wizard is satisfied that this is no ruse, he downs the vial in a manner that suggests how he got hung over in the first place...
  8. "Charming" said Kain, obviously unimpressed. "Looks like one of my failed experiments!" he said, nudging Raziel in the ribs and laughing.
  9. (OOC: Yes yes wonderful we have all heard of Soul Reaver. You don't see anyone else posting a million pictures.)
  10. Light from the dawn streaks into the Tavern's murky windows. All of the regulars are gone, and most of the Adventurers are sleeping in their rooms. A beam of light dances onto Kain's face. The Wizard groans and rolls over, letting go of the barstool. Sheilding his eyes with his hand, the Drow gets up sorely. "Aaaaaah confounded Dagoth Brandy!" he shouts, going over to a wash basin and dunking his entire head into it. A few moments later he pulls his head out, water spraying from his long hair. Kain rubbs his back and begins to stretch out a bit. He feels the diamond in his pocket and pulls it out to examine it. It seems vaguely familiar but the Wizard can't seem to remember where it came from.
  11. Kain's eyes grow wide at sight of the sparkling diamond. He reaches out a hand to touch it. "Really? It's so beautiful...." he says quietly, then just as he touches it recoils as if he had been burnt. "NO!" he shouts, standing up. "I see your mind! You....You're the King of the Scribs aren't you!!?!?! You've come to steal my soul with that gem!!!! To lure me into submission!!!! Then force me to toil in your underground sugar caves!!!! Well this is one Drow that won't be taken in by your spell!!!" Kain screams, picking up a barstool and swinging it madly around the tavern. Partons dart to get out of the way of the Wizard's blows. "Die you vile scrib fiend!!!" he shouts, flailing the stool about madly. Presently Kain trips on an overturned table, and goes crashing to the floor. The bar is silent as the partrons wait to see what will happen next. Silence fills the air.... Then suddenly..... A loud snoring..... And Kain is fast asleep on the ground, hugging the barstool to his chest like a teddy bear.
  12. "Hey!!!" Kain exclaims as the goblet goes flying out of his hands and hits the floor, brandy spilling across the floor. The Wizard stares sadly at the ruined beverage. Presently he looses his balance and falls off the chair, hitting the wooden floor loudly. "Aha!" he screams as he jumps up, scrambling to his chair. He is brandishing a cube of salt proudly. "Look what I found!!!" He yells to noone in particular, "It's a DIAMOND!!!! Ah hey hey! Look with your eyes not with your hands my friend!!!" He shouts to an invisible foe and snatches the "diamond" away. Suddenly Kain's mood changes, and he sits down hard in his chair, sobbing loudly. "When I didn't do my chores my father would beat me with a bag of salt!!!" he wailed, tears pouring from his eyes, "Oh Papa why are you hurting me?!! I love you Papa don't hurt me please!!" The wizard continues bawling and pounds the table.
  13. "Wahhhhh!" shouts Kain, "A giant fly!!!!! Shoo shoo!" He begins swatting at Raziel, the Dagoth brandy has obviously gone to his head.
  14. Kain unleashed a sinister smile. "No," he said sarcastically "I'm a healer! In my spare time I pick flowers and dance naked through the trees, petting fuzzy little animals and drawing pretty pictures of rainbows and unicorns."
  15. Kain considered HeLL's proposal. "The spoils of adventuring are price enough..." said he. "But do not make the mistake of assuming that I am less experianced than you. You'll find I am no creampuff--" Kain's attention was averted by the Bosmer. "You again!" he hissed when Davis finished his rather lengthy slur of commentary. "I thought I was rid of you for good!" He sneered, but there was an air of amusment in his tone and it was to be seen that he was in a good humour. The Dagoth brandy released it's famliar pungent aroma's under his nose and he couldn't resist picking up the goblet. "And don't remind about the arm! You wouldn't want to know what I had to do to get it back....It still doesn't feel the same...." Kain took a generous sip of the brandy, swallowing it down. It was incredibly powerful. "Trying to drink me under the table are you? I guarantee you, I do not make the same mistakes twice!" He said with a broad smile.
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