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  1. In response to post #66971136. #66981371, #66983471, #66986236, #66987086, #66992286, #66998471, #66999186 are all replies on the same post. I think it's pretty clear at this point Fallout 76 was a cash grab that went horribly wrong. What amazes me is that if Bethesda needed an infusion that badly until Starfield was ready, why not "remake" FO3, along with all DLC, in the updated FO4 Creation Engine, call it Fallout 3 Special Edition, and release it on the 10 year anniversary of Fallout 3 (last October)? Then do the exact same thing with New Vegas when it hit 10 years so we'd all be amped for October 2020? I understand the obvious advantage of hindsight, but not many were asking for a Fallout multiplayer! I can't believe that both remastered versions of FO3 and FONV wouldn't sell better than 76? Maybe @metalmouth7 can provide some insight here, but I would think that remaking FO3 or FONV inside of FO4's creation engine, while daunting for a volunteer modding team, would have been a hell of a lot easier for the studio than creating Fallout 76? Regardless of all that, I'm really hoping that both Fallout 4 New Vegas and Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland make it to the finish line. And a huge thank you to the team behind F4NV and the awesome voice acting for the new Doc Mitchell. I'm pretty sure the very high quality of that recreation inspired NafNaf_95 and the rest of the Road to Liberty team to resurrect their Capital Wasteland project, previously shut down after Bethesda told them they couldn't reuse any voice content. I wish the F4NV team took donations. I understand why they don't, but I hope they realize that for those of us who support them, it would be our way of showing appreciation and a heart felt thank you for all the hard work and long hours.
  2. Great to know! This is a tricky one and if Silberwolf325 hadn't chimed in, there's no way I would have thought to create a blank text file and insert it into the default folder. Hell, give me a few months and I'm sure I would have forgotten this. So I appreciate the upcoming fix and thanks for coming back to give us the update! Any idea when the next version is set to release?
  3. Ok, @Silberwolf325 was absolutely correct. The trick is to put a blank/empty text file (I used Notepad++ to generate a .txt file) in the default Vortex location for Mod Staging, which for me was C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\skyrimse\mods. Once I put the blank text file there, then typed in the new path that I wanted to use for Mod Staging, again in my case it's D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Mod Staging\SkyrimSE, then hit apply, Vortex accepted the new path and switched the Deployment Method to Hardlink just like it should. This is an obvious bug/flaw with Vortex that should be fixed if possible. Thanks to all!
  4. Hey BigBizkit, Thanks for stopping by! I wasn't trying to move any mods. I was simply trying to setup a new game (FO4 works great) by correctly defining the path for Mod Staging. Once I set that to D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Mod Staging\SkyrimSE, I get the "Moving" popup box and that's it. Vortex hangs and it just sits there with no increase to the progress bar. Silberwolf325 mentions creating a blank text file and placing it in a "directory" but I don't know if that means the default Mod Staging path or the new location, but I'll try both to see if that works and report back.
  5. Steam is also on my D: drive so yes, games and mods are all on the same SSD. I mentioned that my games were on their own SSD, but I wasn't specific to say that the mods were likewise on that drive, so good question. I'll edit my original post to make that more clear. As for the "Access Denied" popup, I typically "give permission" and it seems to work fine, but now if I get that error (it doesn't happen every time), I simply close Vortex again, and then re-open. I didn't want to take a chance that something might persist from that error and cause lingering issues. Regardless, I can't get Vortex to accept the Mod Staging file path no matter what I do. I thought it might have something to do with my original install, in that when I first downloaded and setup Vortex, there were 3 file paths requiring setup under the Mods tab, where now there is only one in this Vortex version (if you watch Gopher's video on Vortex installation, you'll see what I'm referring to). Other than that, I have no idea why FO4 works great, but no other games want to cooperate! Thanks for trying to help!
  6. I've been using Vortex for a while now with Fallout 4 and overall have been very pleased with this mod manager. Today I updated to the 0.17.1 Testing version while likewise deciding to manage Fallout 3 and SkyrimSE. It probably wasn't wise to update the version immediately before doing so, but that's what my dumb ass did. I'm on a Windows 10, 64-bit machine, 64GB RAM, DDR4, NVidia 1070 SLI, games are on a separate SSD, MSATA1 Samsung SM961, 512GB. And to be clear, my Steam install, games, mods, everything associated are on the same SSD, the D: drive. The only aspect that's on C: is the default AppData\Roaming\Vortex\{game}\masterlist folder and profiles folder and userlist, though until I can get Vortex to accept the new file path to my D: drive, it wants to put mods in that same C: path (which is why this isn't working and I have no deployment method available). Anyway, when I added each game, I immediately received the "Mods can't be deployed" notification. That was expected as I needed to setup the path for the Mod Staging Folder. However, once I add the correct path, which is the same as I use for Fallout 4 (other than the final folder name, obviously), Vortex gives me the "Moving" popup window and then hangs up. At that point, Vortex is nonresponse and the only way to close it is via the Task Manager. And after I have to kill Vortex that way, the next time I try to launch I usually get an "Access denied" message because Vortex is trying to access the user list but doesn't have permission. I don't think that is significant and is probably the result of the Task Manager shutdown, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. I have the same issue whether trying to manage FO3 or SkyrimSE. These are my paths for the Download tab and Mod tab: Downloads D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Downloads Mods D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Mod Staging\Fallout4 D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Mod Staging\SkyrimSE D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Mod Staging\Fallout3 Again, Fallout 4 works just fine but these new additions don't. I've tried using the FIX box, following the prompts that are part of the "Mods can't be deployed" notification, but it makes no difference how I try to enter the file path for the mod staging folder, nothing works. I also tried Vortex's suggested path, D:\Vortex Mods\{game}, and that didn't work either. It could be that I'm missing something obvious, or maybe this is a 0.17.1 bug, but I'm at a loss as to what to try next. I've attached a screen shot that shows the file paths and errors, in case my description wasn't clear. Any help is most appreciated!
  7. In response to post #65235001. #65238371, #65249136, #65253756, #65257321, #65271461, #65276151, #65276591, #65278876 are all replies on the same post. Thanks again for replying Niero! I feel like I might have missed something that happened in the industry. If no one at Beth ever indicated that NSFW mods would be an impediment to your hiring, what makes you think Bethesda is adverse to them? Those mods you made in collaboration with TheKite were around for quite a while after the CC launched; I think me, and possibly other fans, figured that something specific recently happened to cause their removal. I'm wondering if Beth published a statement somewhere about lewd mods, their creators, and how that could impact employment opportunities? Was it something like that? Understood regarding Patreon. I'm still going to stay on the lookout just in case! Anyway, that's all the questions from me! It's been very gracious of you to provide the time to tackle these rumors and fan based questions about your work and career. If Bethesda doesn't hire you, they're giant fools, but from a selfish fan's standpoint, I'm exceedingly happy that you're still working on mods for Fallout 4! Thank you very much.
  8. In response to post #65235001. #65238371, #65249136, #65253756, #65257321, #65271461, #65276151 are all replies on the same post. I'm pretty humbled that Niero has taken the time to answer my additional questions! I'm a huge fan so thanks very much for the all the extra detail. If I may Niero, the rumor mill has been pretty crazy surrounding your removal of those particular TheKite mods on the Nexus. Your answer makes perfect sense; who could begrudge you taking down a couple of your more lewd contributions if it meant a real opportunity to score a legit job with Bethesda? But were you ever contacted outside of official channels and told that those past mature themed mods would, in fact, blacklist you from any sort of contact with Beth officially? I think that's a huge bit of information lots of mod authors would like to know, particularly those with aspirations to work in the industry professionally. For me, as a fan of your work, I thought it was a great trade. Sure we lost some sexy mods, but one of our own here on the Nexus was making it to the big leagues, and that was pretty damn cool! Unfortunately, it sounds like you took those mods down as a hedge against perceived or possible Bethesda discrimination based on their content, not any real directive from Beth clarifying resume requirements or disqualifiers? That sucks because that means the rumors of your new job with a Zenimax studio are sadly not true; but can you confirm? I completely understand if you don't want to comment though. I have to say, the thought of your talent and creativity with the backing of the actual studio, really had me excited for Creation Club content for the first time. As for my gumroad "performance" question, you are correct--I was asking which donation method had been most successful for you. Whether between gumroad, paypal, Nexus donation points, patreon, etc. did it seem that fans were more drawn to one system over the rest. It's interesting to learn from your response that gumroad appears to provide more donations, because it feels like that's also where the most complaints come from. As a fan, I actually like that it "reminds" me to consider a donation right as I'm looking at those beautiful textures. It's also convenient because, assuming that I log into gumroad, it tracks my donations. I think I've "accidentally" given to a couple BodySlide updates from the Nexus because it always asks me, and I never can remember when/if I last donated! To my knowledge you don't have a Patreon account; have you considered this as a way to increase fan support, offer exclusive content, and more directly interact with your fan base? And of course increase your monthly loot?! Glad to hear that your collaborations with TheKite will continue, even if they will be a little more SFW in the future. Thanks again for all the great mods, and the memories, those unique creations have given us fans in our play-throughs. I don't run a single Fallout 4 game that doesn't have your work prominently embedded. Here's to many more Niero and TheKite creations in the years to come; cheers!
  9. In response to post #65235001. #65238371, #65249136 are all replies on the same post. Hey @Pickysaurus, I think it really depends on the guest, their history, and any controversy surrounding them. For Niero it was a goldmine of possibility because of everything that's going on with his mod removal, future Beth employment, his relationship with TheKite and the inspiration he draws from her art, his opinions on adult mods, and his work on gumroad. All that and more felt like a huge opportunity lost. For other mod authors it's going to hinge on who they are, what type of content they've produced, and any potential controversy surrounding them. You'd be able to tailor specific questions, targeting their unique circumstances, and then make sure to have quality follow up questions so you can dig down a little bit for us readers. For some generic questions, in addition to the great ones you guys already asked, I'd like to get their take on Vortex, are they using the Donation Point System, if not, why not? If so, is it helping? As fans, how can we best support their efforts either through donations, points, endorsements, paypal, or Patreon? How do they see the current state of modding? What studios are most supportive; Bethesda, CDPR, BioWare, etc.? What's their take on the Creation Club, Bethesda's new Atoms, FO76 not being on Steam, micro transactions in general, and whether modding is threatened by any/all of them? Would they do this fulltime, as a profession, if given the opportunity? How much time do they spend modding? How much time playing? How long did mod "x" take to complete? Do they prefer the CK or FO4EDIT (if applicable)? Why? Do they have any secret tips or tricks to share with fellow modders? Who is their favorite mod author and is there a question they'd like to ask him/her? I'm sure the readers here have much better questions than mine, and in fact, I'd love to hear what mod authors would like to ask other modders. Thanks very much for taking the time to engage and get ideas from us regular Joe's! These interviews are awesome, please keep them coming! ps. Completely unrelated but thanks for uploading the Vortex theme mod. Now I can have my Fallout green like Todd intended ;) Hopefully themes will be part of the next update because it's a nifty QoL feature. Now that I've got the hang of it, I'm really digging Vortex!
  10. I'm guessing that asking about why Niero removed some of his, and TheKite's, NSFW mods from the Nexus was off limits? And before somebody chimes in, yes, I've heard the Bethesda job theory, and that for some reason, even though Fallout is rated M, Todd Howard (or corporate, lol) is concerned that lewd outfits in a mod author's repertoire creates an image problem for Beth. It still makes no sense, in that to my knowledge, no one knows who Niero really is. He can make all the Beth mods he wants, under whatever pseudonym he wants, with no one the wiser. And, if Beth wants to trade off of his name because Niero is well known in the mod community, then that's equally foolish because they can't change the fact that he's well known, in part, because of NSFW mods! The whole thing is a curiosity that feels like much ado about nothing. As for "desperate zealots", I've seen none of that, not even at LL, but I have read many folks expressing their disappointment that many of the high-quality mods created by Niero and TheKite are no longer available from the Nexus. Fortunately, I was already using most all of the ones I wanted when they were taken down, but I absolutely agree that it's a shame they are no longer available for new folks, or those with corrupted/lost files. It would also have been nice to get Niero's take on how his gumroad site has been performing for him. I've read comments on the Nexus from peeps bashing him for charging for high res textures when clearly that's not the case. Most of those people don't even bother to visit his gumroad site because they'd see that all of those 2K/4K textures are still free and donations are optional. Personally, I'm happy to pitch in a couple bucks for those awesome textures because it's still way cheaper, much higher quality, and far more original than anything on the Creation Club! Overall, I'm glad you guys interviewed Niero and thanks for it, but next time, maybe try more in-depth and significant questions if you are able, please. Cheers!
  11. Understood and thanks for the explanation Grestorn. I'm not really sure I agree with the Roaming location but I can see the logic behind it. Anyway, as for C being less safe, in roughly the last 10 years, on 3 different laptops (2 Dell's and my most recent machine, an Aorus), all of them have had C drive failures (and a motherboard failure on the second Dell) with the rest of the drives having no issues. On my current Aorus laptop, C and D were both Samsung SM961's, pretty decent commercial SSDs, and yet C died within the first two months. To Aorus'/Gigabyte's credit, they replaced that SM961 with a Samsung 970 Pro after initially, "accidentally", down grading me to a Toshiba SSD.... I backup my files and docs as best as I can but on the first two machines I had installed Steam and NMM both on C. At least this time I had my games on D. Since my current laptop was basically new before the failure, I hadn't had time to really get any games up and running other than FO4 with just a couple mods. Now that I have it back, I've decided that I might as well update to Vortex! Ah, that's what didn't make sense BigBizkit so thanks for the explanation! Right now I have two folders on D for these, the download path is D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Downloads\fallout4 with the install path being, D:\Game Tools\Vortex\Fallout4. I'd much rather name the install path correctly, if only to keep it straight in my head and match what's coming; can you reveal what you guys intend to rename the "Install Path" to? If so, I'll update my path to D:\Game Tools\Vortex\NEW NAME\Fallout4! Thanks again, very much guys!
  12. I finally get my gaming laptop back up and running after its C drive died in January, only to find a brand new mod manager awaits! I've watched Gopher's first few install videos, read the User Interface Overview, and searched these forums, but I can't find anything that explains the difference between Vortex's Mod tab's Install Path and the Download tab's Download Path? Gopher seemed to say that the Mod tab's Install Path is where downloaded mods are stored. If that's the case, what is the purpose of the Download tab's Download Path? Also, I chose to download the custom install location version of Vortex because I wanted to place it on my D drive along with Steam. I've had three gaming laptops over the years and all three lost their C drive at some point. However, even though I now have a Black Tree Gaming Ltd folder on D, with the Vortex subfolder inside, I've found that Vortex also persists at C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\Vortex along with quite a few subfolders and files. I would have expected those folders and files to get installed on D as well; can they be moved from Roaming over to the Black Tree Gaming Ltd folder or must they remain? Thanks very much!
  13. I am no expert and haven't used physics yet but I did notice in BodySlide that the Pampas outfits had two versions for every outfit, the standard, and one labeled as Physics (e.g. Pampas BodySuit1 Physics). I'm guessing that you need to have physics compatible outfits then--did you create/convert those in OS?
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