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  1. eldav


    Tidus44 it was an self injectory drug wich i took twice aday, so my heart monitoring test results came and they didnt find nothing, it would be better to be diagnosed than go on living cluless. I dont have to use Klexane no more, instead im going to get some pills called Clopidogrel, im getting them tomorrow so i dont know the dosage yet. And i am going to somekind of eye doctor to estimate the loss of field vision, mayby some kind of theraphy, i still going to bet that gaming helps the most to regain better eyesight.
  2. eldav


    Klexane, it comes with a needle and have to be injected in the stomac fat, It is descriped to use untill you get the long term diagnose wich i will get tomorrow. I think it is a emergency blood thinner, i will say more tomorrow what kind of drughs i will get, and thanks for the info
  3. eldav


    Thanks Tidus44 for the sites, i have been looking for something like that and definitly will use them. bben46 i think too that i got the stroke because of my heart, since the doctors didnt find anything structual wrong with my brain. I too have blood thinners, those really expensive ones with a neddle, i will soon move on to cheaper pills. Im 34 and have to live with this for the rest of my life, im not angry but i hope i get to live a long life, it just sucks that it means that i have to quit smoking and get in better shape, but life is worth it.......and also games :facepalm:
  4. eldav


    Anyone haved it ? and if so how long till you got back/better vision ? and what types of games develope eye sight back ? I got my stroke last week, it left 3cm mark in my brain that has affected my field of vision in my right eye, my motor skills wasnt affected at all so i had enormus amount of luck, that and i had just postponed by 1 day to make an order of a new monitor, lol yeah its kinda shitty to loose eyesight but at least im alive and able bodied. just enjoy your health while you have it.
  5. Happy new year to all of Nexus !
  6. Wow, didnt know this was a touchy subject, take it easy you all. Yes there is a big difference between glossy and matte and No we will never agree on wich is wich.
  7. Do you care of what type of panel your monitor has and why ? I been searching for a new monitor with glossy panel unsuccessfully and i will not settle for a matte panel, As a gamer and a movie lover i would like deep colors and real blacks that only glossy panels seem to give and personally i would say that a ordinary glossy panel can rival even a matte ips panel. The only glossy panels i have seen are those in laptops wich seems kinda odd, since you are far more prone to glare and reflections. How is the situation in your surroundings ? any variety in your stores ? any need for change ? PS: why buy a va or ips panel if it is a matte screen?
  8. I have a disc version of nwn2 and motb fully patched on win7 but it freezes ingame, it locks the computer so you have to cut the power inorder to boot up again, i know it has something to do with the gpu since it got THOSE colors before freezing, and yes its only nwn2, mayby it has to do something with point lighning ? help needed ! owned the game 4+ years and still havent been able to play it.
  9. Hi, i was wondering about the future of Nexus and HTML 5, is it going to implemented how ? or if it going to be used at all becouse of the income from adverts ? Keep up the great work :biggrin:
  10. It seems that Dark creations Elsweyr isnt downloadable, to me that is, everytime i try to dl it it stop in the begining, has anyone else succes ?. Also does it requer SI ? i have goty edition but the dlc disc got broke :( have a huge scar from the center outwards, damn those are so hard to release from the disk holder. must buy a new one but dont know if to buy a physical or a digital version.
  11. Replaying ff7
  12. And so the downfall of EA begins
  13. 10 "how about now" goto 20 20 goto 10
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