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  1. For this particular conflict the red backgroud indicates conflict and the green text indicates conflict winner record. You should clean your masters before doing conflict resolution. Also after that any cleaning or conflicts appearing in the official dlc ca be ignored. Honestly in thisi case the last record wins. Thus no problems.
  2. Well it is great you took your time. Was very hard to find any info about it at all...
  3. I concur. You need to post a load order. This is not a bug, it seems like a feature. Some mods increase some types of skills through just running. I think SPERG had options like these.
  4. Do you use any racial mods? They sometimes have their own custom textures in a different location that the default ones. So overwriting normal textures should have no effect.
  5. Well I checked and indeed it does not seem like it came from that lod mod... But it is really jarring like it takes you really out of the experience I hope it fixes itself, because this is a brand new character so i didn't think such a thing would creep up at all...
  6. I am not using either Tes5LODgen or Dyndolog due to othe overhead and not really being annoyed at the bad graphics. However I am using High Quality LODs that overwrites the USLEEP file "tamriel.4.-20.8.btr". I will try disabling it and see how it goes. BTW thank you for bringing this to my attention and taking your time to answer. Would have never thought it is a lod issue...
  7. Hello it seems that I have a very weird issue that I have difficulty pinpointing. Currently I have very straight lines that show where each texture tile ends and begins. This was made in Whiterun so it seems like there are some whiter texture variants that are loaded but that maybe shouldn't be. My mod list is here : https://modwat.ch/u/Nyquis If anybody has any information I am all ears. Actually I would be very happy is someone could maybe tell me what texture it is maybe and if it is even a texture issue? Solution: I my case the reason for the bug was due to me using ENB and having steam overlay. By disabling steam overlay everything works perfectly.
  8. I would ask foremost to tell which mod manager you are using. Secondly try an alt start mod and have you run FNIS? If you start by using an alternative start mod, does it work?
  9. Just an information, @manchuligans si wrong on one account. You have a plugin limit of 256. However not all mods contain plugins. So you can go up to 400 mods as I have while still using less than 200 plugins. Texture mods useally have no plug ins.
  10. Your assumption is wrong as far as the cap goes. 15 or 5 follower cap is the maximum of npcs that can follow you at any given time. Extensive follower framework has a cap of 100. But the implementation of followers in Skyrim is wonky. They may disappear or not follow you. I am not sure about assigned homes. That is on per mod basis since I never needed the feature.
  11. If the only issue is with Honed Metal I would write directly to the mod page. A screenshot could be good since it is not clear where and when the OK box appears.
  12. I would install the latest version of SkyUI. The current one is 5.0. The 3.1 was wrongly packaged if I remember correctly. if problems persist update SKSE.
  13. It is great that you started using this tool from the onset. I have used most managers that exist going from wrye bash to nmm and finally mo. They have all their advantages but pros of MO outweigh the cons. Actually It is an art in itself. For some of us it becomes an objective in itself. I currently have over 400 active mods and the game is mostly stable. I get occasional ctd's once every 4 hours, but that is ok for me.
  14. Well to tell you the truth papyrus logs can be very useful when using things like script scalpel and so on, if the ctd is due to infinitely looping scripts and you want to remove it from the savegame. But that is sometimes far beyond the abilities of even some veteran modders. And honestly it is hard for most users, me included, between innocent and bad script errors.
  15. it is just plain false. You can download with mod organizer just as with nexus mod manager... http://forum.step-project.com/topic/4736-google-chrome-cant-download-from-skyrim-nexus-using-mo/ in case that for whatever reason it does not work.
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