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  1. The new notification system has arrived on the 22nd of March 2021, it has arrived with LOTS of issues and removed a lot of features useful for everyone, which have yet to be replaced. Overall, the new system is, by any objective margin, is worse by the previous one. The lack of communication around this change has been astonishing, and has been pointed by numerous users in the comment section of the relevant news, so I won't come back at it. However, as of the 1st of May 2021, meaning more than 1 month after the notification update, there has been little improvement to the system; true, some of the issues have been fixed, however, others have still yet to be resolved, and worse, the notification system for image share has been turned into an abomination who is barely usable anymore. Numerous comments have been made, extremely valid points have been made, and by valid, I mean impervious to any attempt at disproval, because you can't disprove something that is true. Yet, the last answer we got from the ONLY community manager who bothered to come and adress the issue dates back from the 19th of April, more than 10 days ago. Today, the issue remains and persist, it's been more than a month since the notification update has been released, so far, almost nothing has changed, the system is still painful and horribly inefficient to use, every comment made since two weeks at least are still as valid today, and there is no communication anymore by anyone, and seeing as the staff keeps posting and being present on others threads, it seems pretty clear that they are deliberately ignoring the issue. I'm asking for the exact same thing I asked a week ago, and two weeks ago: for the community manager who came on this thread to come back and adress every single point that has been made, and explain to us why and how the new system is better than the previous one, because it is very obvious that it is not.
  2. Tell them they can take their time, I enjoy having my latest image be featured in the front page and receiving dozens of endorsements and the most views ever :D
  3. I hate to be that guy, but you should know blowing your head is unhealthy and can lead to numerous health issues down the road.
  4. Please don't bring politics in the topic. We already have enough of it everywhere. And no one has said there has been some hacking attempts, and if it was the case, closing the image share wouldn't do anything since the accounts themselves and the website in general would be targeted, and the issue would concern much more people, especially after almost a week. From what we know, there's just an issue with the data being improperly overridden when publishing an image, it's probably a very simple problem, but with a complex solution.
  5. When you will have succeeded in fixing the issue, could you make a site-wide announcement, so everyone is informed it is back?
  6. There is already several categories, including narratives, I personally published a year and a half long story on Fallout 4 in the narrative section. It's more a individual games thing I guess, maybe the different categories should be standardized among all games, but that's probably more easy to say than to do, and as Traiderek rightfully says: it's not the best moment for that. But it still something to keep for the suggestions later, when the situation will be resolved.
  7. I'm not an expert, but from what I get, it sounds like the core issue lies in the overwriting of the data, maybe an instability in the code, maybe related to the last update of the website, since many things have been changed. Of course, that's only my opinion from what I get here, I assume that since it's been 3 days and the issue is still not solved by people much more qualified than me, the problem is much more complex than that, or the problem is simple, but the solution is not. Anyway, thanks for the info, it gives us more comprehension about what is going on. By the way, at least it doesn't seem to affect screens we post in mods gallery or on our profiles.
  8. What happened exactly? I have been uploading images on this website for two years,and it's the first time I see the image share, or any other function for that matter, being disabled, and from what I get, several accounts have been damaged. I guess something has happened serious enough to force you to shut down an entire mainstream function of the website, can you tell us more about that?
  9. Oh, so I am not alone. so I also affects mod images uploading, and not only simple image uploading. That, plus the "internal server error" bug when trying to change your about me page, and it seems this whole site is starting to collapse. Hope someone is working on it.
  10. In response to post #73897103. #73899578 is also a reply to the same post. Good for you.
  11. That's really not necessary. Keep it and scrap that new UI, no one wants it.
  12. In response to post #73629998. "Ignore the 80% comments that I don't like because I disagree with them, therefore are not valid, because only MY opinion matters."
  13. In response to post #73617773. #73617973, #73618278, #73619398, #73619788 are all replies on the same post. The see all option already existed before, I never needed it before, because I was able to see exactly what the notifications were before, now I can't without having to do extra things that never were needed before.
  14. In response to post #73617773. #73617973 is also a reply to the same post. And I also just saw that now, clicking on a notification was entirely removing it from the list, whereas with the old design, it was staying, allowing the user to return on that particular link later. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to do that, but it is certainly not an improvement.
  15. Why having removed the thumbnail images for the notifications? Why having removed the numbers of notifications and replaced them by a simple +?
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