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  1. It worked ,making a new Email i was worried it would say again that "the Email is in use".
  2. Okay then i try this later,how much time do i have left for this?Afterall i want to eat now and play something else to calm me down.And how do i found out if there is a duplicate Account or second Account i may accidently create because i mixed up some things i think something similar happened to me on a different Site too or not and if someone else is using my Email afterall i dont get any Emails related to Nexus Mods or any weird Emails at all so thats why iam confused about this "this Email already in use "thing...
  3. So i do have to create new email address and change it to the newest one in the settings because the much older one is dead and logging out and asking reset the Password wouldnt work afterall i cant asnwer the Veriication for that Change and Stuff iam sorry i cant explain it well enough English isnt my native language afterall.
  4. But why did it "work" yesterday when i wrote my Emailladdress for getting the verfication it didnt said that this Email is in use already and i didnt get any Emails for Verification, i really dont understand whats going on and what the point is of all that is.Did the Thing that sends the Verifications Email just didnt send it or did it got blocked by something i never had any Problems with Nexus Mods Site until now.I dont want to lose my Account after 8years just because of a stupid Bug/Error.
  5. I dont remember creating a second account or anything or did i somehow create a copy of my account?I used yesterday that Verification with my actuall Email and it said nothing wrong but there wasnt any Emails for Verification and hours later that orange notification thing appeared again and the Email in it and in my Settings is still the old one not the new one i think changed it to my new one when that data leak thing happened where we all have to change our Passwords and there i changed it and used my new one.So do i have to create another Emailaddress just for this Account then?Afterall that old emailaddress is long dead after not be used for years.
  6. That Verification thing doesnt work for me even if i try/change to my new Email adress in the settings it says Email is already in use and i dont get any Verifications Emails at all.
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