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  1. Install FO4 on a virtual machine, install mod via the web download/install method. and test.
  2. change gold to the base value of the lowest currency you want and create additional entries for the higher value ones. it wont make it work counting the others as values of the base coin, but it will let you create slips/coins/w/e item you want that all merchants will trade for in order to reduce carry weight or what have you.
  3. You need permission from all copyright holders to use it. The performing artist. The original artist. The writer. The publisher.
  4. Dont do that "has the community matured" bullshit if you want help. You should be able to create a custom faction for them and just set the behaviors based on how you want them to act to which other factions. Or just use any of the existing ones for it.
  5. just make a weapon/grenade/potion slot item that uses the soap model.
  6. Technically Mario is an RPG, you play the role of Mario or Luigi. There is no accurate definition for what an RPG is. Some define mechanics for JRPG and WRPG, others require choices. But if its not mechanics than Dues Ex is not a RPG, or Fallout 3, NV, 4. If its not choices than none of the final fantasy games are RPGs
  7. Most Mod Authors that have commented on it are either neutral or in favor of it, less than a handful have commented against it. The CC is not spitting on MAs at all. It's a benefit for MAs that want to make more content.
  8. Scavver is love, scavver is life. http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15828/?
  9. The key difference in this whole argument about youtuber vs mod author is that youtubers don't charge people to watch their videos. Imagine if youtubers got together and decided they would petition youtube to allow them to charge individuals if they wanted to watch their videos. I would be willing to bet my entire savings account that every channel that participated in the program would vanish in under a couple months and youtube itself would enter a downword spiral as users fled the site in disgust. Hence the CC creates the exact same problems. In fact most youtubers don't even earn most of their money from ads. They open merchandise stores and sell t-shirts and the like as a form of strings off monetization. In fact mod authors could actually learn a lot about good business practices from youtubers. That has been a thing for years on Youtube. Paywall videos have been successful for over half a decade.
  10. It always amazes me how immoral ppl can be when they want to deny others things that have no real effect on them.
  11. Yall some entitled mother duckers up in here, acting like bethesda, mod authors, or anyone else owes you anything beyond the exact product you paid for. If you dont want to deal with the CC, dont buy from it, dont apply for it, end of story.
  12. You people fail to realize that this is how contract work works in the real world. The CC is just a extension of that same work towards making continuous content for their titles. As for us Mod authors (not mod users) were given a chance to finally get in on the same work the professionals have been doing for decades now. CC was never focused on mod authors it was more of a tip of the hat inclusion for them, and a great way to provide a easy way into the game design field for hobbiests and new talent that cant get a job in it by traditional requirements.
  13. CC is a normal contract service for creative works, it works much the same way in every creative industry using outside contract services. It is simply the business side is now being made more public/open in order to allow for more official content to be made for their two major titles, and upcoming titles. It is going to be reviewed as a concept, and in each stage of development by a dedicated team at bethesda, Anyone can apply to join but you do need to have some work to show before hand, thus programmers, artists, and mod authors will have a good way to work with bethesda to make official content for a fee. As mods are literally not official content, the CC is simply not mods. If it is official it is official, if it is not official, it is a mod. As for "paid mods" in concept, yes it is rightly back and done proper, as it has been a successful practice for consumers, modders, and IP owner in other parts of the industry for nearly 20 years now. It is about time bethesda did it right to protect consumers and provide a method for hobbiests to transition into professional fields. This does not effect you if you do not buy items on CC, it has no effect on existing mods. It does not take anything away from you end users. In fact you lost more from the rash of mod thefts than you ever would with "paid mods"
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