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  1. your uninstall must be leaving files because Gear_Actuator_Clan and Weapon_LRM_LRM20_Clan don't exist without mods
  2. You're missing versionmanifest.cdv lines that pertain the the mods you've added.
  3. I like easy start but I'm going to have to redo it myself because I still want higher diff planets out there post campaign just not every damned planet being ten the second I finish the campaign. Going to be a pain but I defiantly think core and border systems should be hard with mid planets especially the garbage planets being easier. One of these days someone is going to figure out how to tax drop weight so you have motivation to keep using lighter mechs even though by campaign end you're likely sitting on 4+ assault.
  4. I haven't seen them using any ++ gear though it's in the scrap if it's in the mechdef loadout. They definatly use the weapons I've created in the loadouts I've created (clan stuff) but I never see the base game's ++ markers inspecting stock mechs and no way to see their gear in combat so not absolutly certain if they are using it but again it's in the scrap
  5. I look right as far as I see. Are you past corimdor in the story?
  6. Strictly speaking, yes but it does not do that in the game. It could just be placeholder for future releases but since you can add unlimited HP types in the chassis as is I (without looking) assumed that it just let you swap out faster/cheaper in game.
  7. If you mean on the argo go to simgameconstants "MaxMechWarriorsPerPod" : 8, the 8 might be overwriting your changes
  8. Pretty much what Arkonahn said. make sure you travel away from and back to whatever planet you are trying to see the equipment at as well because it won't change with you in orbit. I've never gone below 1 rarity so dunno if that's adding issues. And I don't know if it's just luck but I have been using campaign planets to spawn my items for testing and they almost always show first visit. If you do that just remember that the name with "flipped" is after you've done the campaign missions on that planet. if you keep having a problem post your addition to whichever shop file and we can check it out.
  9. He's not asking what it means in lore terms. He's asking the effect in game.
  10. Well the update patch has screwed up all versionmanifest and DB entries also seems to have gotten into constants...great...
  11. haven't tested this yet but I think this is what you are asking for: { "Description" : { "Id" : "TraitDefMeleeHit1", "Name" : "", "Details" : "", "Icon" : "" }, "Type" : "MeleeHit", "ShortDesc" : "+ 2.5% Base Melee Hit", "DisplayParams" : "ShowInPilotToolTip", "ActivationTime" : "Passive", "EffectData" : [ { "durationData" : { "duration" : -1 }, "targetingData" : { "effectTriggerType" : "OnActivation", "effectTargetType" : "Creator" }, "effectType" : "StatisticEffect", "Description" : { "Id" : "MeleeToHitModifier", "Name" : "melee to hit increase", "Details" : "increase melee hit chance", }, "statisticData" : { "targetCollection" : "Weapon", "statName" : "MeleeToHitModifier", "operation" : "Float_Add", "modValue" : "45.0", "modType" : "System.Single" } } ] }
  12. This sounds like the correct way to do it assuming I'm reading this right. The problem with csharp edits is the same trouble we still have with manifestentry replacements. Without an override system in place it's all conflict. I read something about an early merge/override on reddit but I'm not sure if it's moving forward at all.
  13. I haven't seen anything outside of the jsons bnut I'm assuming you can add the effect in traits. Look at the actuators for the correct effect setting there is one for melee hit I believe.
  14. the bundles primarily hold your visuals and you can use unity and there is a bundle unpacker. I can't get the assetbundlemanager for unity to dl maybe you can but most of the info is here http://btmodding.warriorsblood.com/index.php?title=Adding_a_completely_new_mesh
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