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  1. I've been kicking around the idea since Fallout 4 was released of improving the Dinner. Getting rid of the skelotons that are laying, adding more clutter to make it look like it's actually a trading post, and adding some sleeping areas for the NPCs. things like that.
  2. Normally I'm highly skeptical of claims that someone is going to actually make a new quest mod that adds to or changes the game. In this case though i'm cautiously optimistic. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
  3. From what you've posted it looks amazing and the atmosphere is coming along great based off the pictures you've shown. I'm curious to see what else you're doing.
  4. Most of it doesn't even need to be voiced (silent or otherwise). One of the things I loved most was finding the notes, journals, and other written entries that gave stories to the places you found.
  5. The good thing about metros is they can be placed or atleast in terms of access in different areas away from other modders. For example you could a D6 esque metro system that was done by the military? As far as angles to work with we have some lore to suggest that the Mob was very powerful in the aftermath of the Great War. They were certainty strong enough to lay siege and sieze the mayors compound. As for why to build an AWOP in fallout 4 I'd say the biggest reason is lack of story. Fallout 4 for many of it's locations have no reason to be explored and more importantly no story to them. AWOP has always given a story to it's locations and it's the single thing I miss most in fallout 4. I'd be more than willing to assist as possible, my own modding abilities I'd like to think are semi good at this point. At the end of the day it's your thing and I completely understand if it's something you don't want to do. It's a hobby and an art, something that can't be forced.
  6. Like the title says what are some goods that have been made in the last 6 months for getting back into fallout 4? I'm looking for mods that add more content in terms of factions, quests, npcs, things that liven up the wasteland, new areas to explore. I already know about tales of the commenwealth and FROST but information any other mods would be greatly appreciated. I find myself wanting to get back into fallout 4 but after playing the game for a while I just find it's story plot to be bland and locations boring.
  7. She's a great modder I'll give her that and she can be rather helpful when helping other modders. Her fans though on other hand can be insufferable and by fans I mean the ones that jump up and down for attention or recognition. Combine that with people comparing other house esq mods to Elinorra's its enough to drive someone away from publishing mods. That said I'm only speaking for myself and my experiences.
  8. I never said it was a good thing. I agree that the long delay may have permanently harmed the community in ways we may not notice for years. I doubt it had much to do with DLC though. Their Bethesda.net launch didn't go quite as nicely as they'd hoped and the delays on getting that shitty Jive stuff into barely useable shape was what caused most of the problems. I was simply telling the previous poster that his assertions were wrong, nothing more. My appologies for coming off as combative that wasn't my intention. Note to self don't post comments to things when you get off a stressful shift from work.
  9. Yeah, no, that's not what happened. They were saying from the start that getting the tools to PC users wasn't going to happen for several months. Nobody expected otherwise, and the reason became crystal clear once the Bethesda.net site was revealed. Um. No. The CK for Skyrim was released in February of 2012, 3 months after the game. The tools were definitely not in our hands before release. Even Oblivion's CS wasn't available for download until 2 days after the game launched in 2006. Having to wait the more than 6 months after release for beth to release the mod tools though was not okay and didn't help the feeling that they were stalling the CK so they could make more settlement DLC. Having to wait as long as we did hurt the fanbase and frankly I think hurt modding.
  10. Exciting progress. I can't wait to see how the two of them turn out.
  11. I realize that this is probably a useless gesture but on the off chance it isn't I'm hoping that someone will make/add a wooden gun stock to the assault rifle in nuka world. It seems odd to me that the only options for a gun stock we really have is a shovel handle and a generic metal gun stock. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. I asked the modder a few weeks back he took it down because of mod thieves and he got tired of people demanding that he port it to consoles/bethnet. In essence modding was no longer a fun creative outlet for him anymore so he took it down.
  13. I'm definitely getting 60's western movie vibes from this lol.
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